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How to Build a Luscious Booty | Build a Better Butt

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Lunges | Stationary, Walking, Smith Machine
Jump Lunges
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Jump Squats
Killer Leg Superset | Lower Body Workout
Whatever you call your backside, Alpha is going over how to build a luscious booty. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gets a ton of emails from viewers about reduction of big booties. The solution for them is reduction of fat and and building muscle. Alpha discusses his big booty situation back in the day.

So, do you suffer from 'Noassatall"? Do you have backside sagginess and flatness?  If you want some more booty, you can do these at home: lunges and squats! You can build a bigger backside to fill out your pants more. You can do them while watching TV. You can all do it-- even if you have knee and hip problems (modifications).

There is no better booty bang for your buck is the lunge. It will give you fast results but it takes consistency. Add to your weekly workouts. You can't just do the 'mirror muscles'. It's all about symmetry and balance. A well rounded physique and booty are highly sought after. You too can have a better booty!

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Man Boobs | How to Treat, Manage and Eliminate Gynecomastia  -
July 23, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Spanx for Men | Compression V-Necks and Underwear Gynecomastia ('gyno') is the technical name for man boobs. It's a medical condition characterized by swollen male breast tissue caused by a hormonal imbalance. Aaron Marino of alpha m. describes how the small breast buds behind the nipples can develop. It's not dangerous but it's embarrassing. It's most common with Read More»
Cooking with Alpha | Egg White, Avocado, & Tomato Scramble  -
July 22, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Fat Facts | Healthy Eating Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that you should be able to cook yourself some delicious meals. This meal is one of Alpha's favorites! It's easy, simple, and delicious. You need egg whites, 1/2 avocado, and 1 or 2 tomatoes. Turn on stove to medium heat Cooking spray all the way around pan Pour 7 count of egg whites Salt and pepper lightly CRead More»
Boom! Bicep Blasting Superset | Biceps Workout  -
July 15, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube It's not the size; it's the quality that counts. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says this superset is killer. All you need are lightweight dumbbells (25# for Alpha) and a wall without a mirror. Complete 3 sets: Keep elbows pinned against the wall and open hand position curl with 1-second pause - it's all about control and isolation. Your arm is staying pinned! You can aRead More»
Are Your Running Shoes Dead? | Worn Out Runner's Sneakers -
July 1, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Running Without Injury When should you retire your running shoes? They have a life expectancy. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says just because they're not dirty with holes doesn't mean they don't need to be retired. Running shoes break-down after 300 - 500 miles. Alpha does the math!  If you run 20 miles per week, how long are your shoes going to last? 20 weeks! If yoRead More»

Buy This Book! | Prescription for Nutritional Healing  -
June 24, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies When Alpha first moved to Atlanta, he opened a chain of nutrition stores; however, he didn't know much about nutrition industry at that point. He decided to learn as he went along. Sales are challenging if you don't know much about your product-- but he did knowRead More»
Awesome Abs Workout | Abdominal Six Pack -
June 17, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube The Alpha M Diet Plan  Back on Track with Diet and Workout  Plan Your Snacks | Healthy Eating Preparing Meals in Advance |  Healthy Eating Diet Advice for Building Muscle and Losing Fat  Fat Burners and Fat Loss | CLA and L-Carnitine Number One Way to Burn Body Fat | Cardio on Empty Stomach We're at the Smith Machine. What are we doing? Today it's all about abRead More»
Paleo Diet 101 | Healthy Eating -
June 10, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube The Paleo Diet If you are into fitness, exercise, clean eating, or a healthy lifestyle, you have heard about the Paleo Diet because people who 'go Paleo' can't help but talking about it all the time. Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about the Paleo Diet trend. The Paleo diet was started back in 1970 by gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin. The basic premise is veggiRead More»
How to Workout Like Gentleman  -
June 4, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube How to Be a Gentleman | Ten Strip Club Tips How to Be a Gentleman | 13 Drinking Tips How to Be a Gentleman | 9 Arguing Tips How to Pass Gas Like a Gentleman | Public Farting Protocol How to Be a Gentleman | Attending a Party or Gathering How to Shake Hands Like A Gentleman | Manly Handshake How to Be a Gentleman | Speaking Etiquette 101 How to Be a Gentleman | DiniRead More»
Is Soy Protein Powder a Good Option?  -
May 27, 2015
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube ABCs of Protein Protein Powders Soy protein is an option (but not one for Alpha). Aaron Marino of alpha m. issues a disclaimer that the content of this video is his opinion and based on his research. Alpha receives emails from vegan and vegetarians about soy protein. Soy protein is a complete protein but the 'problem' also has phytoestrogens. If you increase estroRead More»

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