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Lose Body Fat

Eliminate Alcohol | Weight Loss and Diet

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Want to jump start fat loss? Eliminate alcohol for two weeks. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that results from diet and exercise progress faster if alcohol is eliminated.

Little things can make big differences when you get closer to your fat loss goal, which includes alcohol. Binge drinking is not smart anyway. Drinking alcohol causes bad decisions when / after drinking as well.

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Hanging with Alpha | Papa Alpha's on Nutrisystem #4 -
April 24, 2013
How's the diet, Papa Alpha? It's blossomed beyond a diet- it's a lifestyle. He's not as focused on the poundage as much as eating habits. He is hitting the gym more than before. He is still doing Nutrisystem and doing 4 miles a day of cardio (4 to 5 days a week). He's lost about 23 pounds to date. He credits looking younger to his diet / exercise and his new glasses. Congrats to Papa Alpha for makRead More»
Inspirational Transformation | Easton Loses 100 Pounds! -
April 5, 2013
Awesome job brother! Alpha loves stories of success, and he got one from Easton. Aaron Marino of alpha m. shows Easton at 350 pounds. A year later he is 100 pounds lighter. Since that picture, he's lost anther 20 pounds! He decided to take control and made the right choices. He exercised, ate better, and drank water. Alpha is proud of him and thinks he's done a great job. Read More»
Dealing with Love Handles -
April 2, 2013
A friend has been dieting and working-out but he still has love handles. They are a bitch, boys, but they are a fact of life. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that most people have an accumulation of fat in your flanks. Alpha tells a personal story about this topic. If you want to reduce the appearance, don't wear tight clothes. Reduce overall body fat as well.  Liposuction and liposculpture are theRead More»
How to Talk to Someone You Love About Their Weight or Diet  -
March 22, 2013
Do you have somebody in your life that isn't taking care of their weight or diet? A lot of times we have people in our lives that aren't taking care of themselves, but we don't want to hurt their feelings or sound preachy. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says there are ways to approach the subject tactfully. First of all, they know that they are out-of-shape, over-weight, and that their diet is less thaRead More»

Hanging with Alpha | Papa Alpha's Nutrisystem #3  -
March 13, 2013
What's up with Papa Alpha's diet? He went off of the diet when his friends were in town but is back on track. Papa Alpha says the most important aspect is that he is making better food choices and has reduced his food consumption. Aaron Marino of alpha m. points out that it's no wonder people are overweight due to what and where they eat. If you want to know if a place is healthy, check out the paRead More»
Hanging with Alpha | Papa Alpha Nutrisystem #2 -
January 29, 2013
It’s been two-months since Papa Alpha started Nutrisystem, and he has officially lost almost 20 pounds. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses Papa Alpha’s past diet plans and weight loss. This weight loss is big news as he has not been this successful in the past. He wants to lose another 50 pounds. He's also taken another big step by joining a fitness center. Papa Alpha discusses his workout rouRead More»
Hanging with Alpha | Papa Alpha's Nutrisystem #1 -
December 27, 2012
It's been one-month since Papa Alpha started Nutrisystem. He's lost 15 pounds. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses Papa Alpha's adherence to the diet. He had a cheat meal. Alpha discusses cheat *days* and how people go hog-wild. Cheat *meals*, however, are okay since they are managed. Give your body and mind a rest from the monotony of the diet with a cheat *meal*. Keep in mind that your weight wilRead More»
Hanging in Alpha | Papa Alpha Started Nutrisystem -
December 17, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. is proud of his Dad for taking a step to lose weight. He is partaking in a diet program. Papa Alpha describes how weight has been a battle his whole life and how he never took gym class in high school. As Papa Alpha has gotten older, weight has become a bigger challenge. And now, when puts a good day in the gym, he feels justified to eat more. He started Nutrisystem and deRead More»
Weekly Workout | Weight Loss with 3 Day Split Workout -
November 30, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses his question about the best idea for shedding body weight without gaining muscle mass. The 3 day split and 6 day cardio is absolutely the right the thing to do because the fat loss process is stimulated. Remember if something hurts, something is wrong. Day 1: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps Chest Pushups: 4 sets 12 to 30 reps Peck Dec:  4 sets x 10 to 12 reps DumbbellRead More»

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