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Dead Lifts and Incline Bench Press | Pros and Cons

Aaron Marino of alpha m. explains that both Dead Lifts and Incline Bench Press have risks. He discusses the pros and cons of each move as well as demonstrates proper form.

Although Dead Lifts have an elevated degree of risk, the exercise is effective for core and lower body.  Does Aaron believe in Dead Lifts? Yes, but you have to be very careful to not injure your back. They are an incredibly effective, power move for core, lower body, lats, and butt. Dead Lifts really comes down to discipline and performing it correctly. The execution requires to use proper weight as back injuries are debilitating and difficult from which to recover.

Aaron demonstrates the correct form of the Dead Lift. Use a straight bar with weights that are not too heavy. Once you break form or lose control, you need to set it down as injury risk increases. Feet shoulder width apart, butt down, chest up are key aspects of the move.

If the rewards don't outweigh the risks, Aaron doesn't do it, which is the same for the Incline Bench Press. This type of press doesn't give you optimal stretch, which is what really breaks down the muscle tissue and gets the body to respond & grow. Range-of-motion is limited with Incline and Decline Bench Press. Also the Incline Bench Press puts pressure and strain on the shoulder joint which increases risk of injury. For your upper chest you don't need Incline. Your chest is one muscle; therefore, when it contracts, it contracts (unlike abs). In summary, with both moves, be safe and think about the longevity of your health.

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