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Front Raises

Front raises hits the fronts and sides of shoulders.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the exercise with a straight bar. Hands are shoulder width apart and then lifted at 90 degrees with a pause. Breathe on the way down.

You can also do the exercise with dumbbells, which Alpha demonstrates. The dumbbells start at the neutral position and then on the ay up, twist. The exercise can also be done in a seated position. You are twisting the dumbbell as you come up. You have to control the motion, and there is not need to rush it.

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Shoulder Press | Standing Straight Bar and Smith Machine -
December 12, 2011
Versions and variations of the shoulder press are presented by Aaron Marino of alpha m. The first is the standing straight bar shoulder press. You can do front to chin and up or you can take it behind the neck (those without shoulder problems). Make sure your knees have a nice bend in them. The second version is seated in a Smith Machine, which the benefit is less pressure on the lower back. AdjusRead More»

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