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30 Minute Chest Thrashing Workout

Aaron Marino of alpha m. introduces a fast workout for chest with super-sets and less rest time. Aaron's plan is a fast workout in 30-minutes.

If you are going for strength, this is not the workout for you. If you are looking to build a body part, this workout is effective and efficient. When working out with multiple people, the process is slowed down due to waiting.

The solution is to have stations, and the more people you have the more stations you need. Go from exercise to exercise. You don't need to spend hours in the gym. You can get it done in 30-minutes.

Past Topics

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Dead Lifts and Incline Bench Press | Pros and Cons -
June 29, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. explains that both Dead Lifts and Incline Bench Press have risks. He discusses the pros and cons of each move as well as demonstrates proper form. Although Dead Lifts have an elevated degree of risk, the exercise is effective for core and lower body.  Does Aaron believe in Dead Lifts? Yes, but you have to be very careful to not injure your back. They are an incredibly effRead More»
Hanging with Alpha | Chest & Tricep Workout  -
April 16, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. is meeting buddies to workout chest & triceps at LA Fitness. After the workout, the gang goes for a run. On a side note: in the effort of cross training, Aaron does a spin class once a week. Spinning is a great workout but is hard on a man's anatomy. Read More»
Choosing the Proper Weight When Lifting and Training -
December 21, 2011
When working out with weights, choosing the proper weight for each exercise is necessary. Aaron Marino of alpha m. doesn't include weights in the Weekly Workouts because everyone's weight is difference. He says that you have to find what is comfortable for you. You want to be straining as hard as you can on that last rep. Knowing when to increase your weight is essential for you staying safe and hRead More»
Body Building Basics -
December 15, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how to break down muscle tissue then rebuild muscle tissue bigger and stronger. Aaron goes over muscle building basics at a cellular level. Working out tears down your muscle fibers. When you consume protein, your body breaks it down to amino acids and shuttles it to the muscles. The muscle fibers heal bigger and stronger. Repeating this cycle will give you that Read More»

Push Ups -
December 12, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates is push-ups which is one of the best and basic chest exercises. Basic and increased difficulty are presented. Basic is on the floor, and increased difficulty is added with dumbbells. You can add even more difficult with feet raised. You can make that even tougher by having feet raised and you are using dumbbells to go deep. Read More»
Incline Dumbbell Press -
December 12, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates a great option to bench press: the incline bench press with dumbbells for the chest. Elbows out, up and down with good stretch. Read More»
Incline Bench Press -
December 12, 2011
Incline barbell bench press sits higher on your chest and harder on the front of your shoulders. Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the exercise with bar loaded up and seat adjusted properly. This exercise can be on the free weight bench or Smith Machine (better option if working out by yourself). Read More»
Dumbbell Flies -
December 12, 2011
If Aaron Marino of alpha m. could chose only one exercise for the chest, dumbbell flies would be the winner. He demonstrates the exercise with dumbbells. Hold above head with elbows slightly bent and high. Make sure you are controlling it. If you have any shoulder issues, be careful and work with a very light weight and work out. You can also do these on an incline bench with the focus on the uppeRead More»
Chest Pec Deck -
December 12, 2011
This exercise is bad-ass with a great stretch. Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the chest pec deck. Where you set the arms depends on how deep the stretch you get. Elbows stay up, nice, and high. Read More»

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