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Bicep Blasting Tip

Make those guns grow! Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to work the biceps effectively and appropriately with an isolated and concentrated movement. Break the muscle tissues down to build them stronger.

Grab a dumbbell or barbell that is not too heavy (can do 12x). Go find a solid wall to lean up against. Put elbows back, touching the wall. Lift up, pause, and down keeping your arm against the wall. All attention is on the bicep because of the tension. You are going to notice a huge difference.

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Better Preacher Curls for Big Biceps  -
May 15, 2013
The preacher curl is an incredible exercise to isolate biceps, but you have to do it right in order for it to count. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says it's essential to get the pad up in your armpit. The pressure is kept on your biceps. A cable exercise can accomplish the same thing, which Alpha demonstrates. Give it shot, and you will feel the positive and negative burn. Read More»
When to Increase Weight with Strength Training -
October 15, 2012
A lot of times you get stuck in ruts and don't know exactly when to push yourself and increase weight. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that if you can do 12 reps with good form, it's time to increase to next increment or level. If you go to that next level and can only do 3, then revert back. Listen to your body. If it becomes routine, your body is going to adapt and stop changing. You need to push Read More»
Killer Bicep Superset -
August 7, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over one of his favorite bicep superset. Remember, it's not about how much you lift but about how well you are working that bicep tissue. These exercises work all of the bicep heads as well as the brachialis. You need a straight bar or an easy curl bar and a set of dumbbells (not crazy heavy). First, curl the bar smoothly and slowly for 8 - 10 reps. The better the foRead More»
Band Workout | Biceps and Shoulder  -
March 2, 2012
Workout ANYWHERE! Join Aaron Marino of alpha m. in a parking lot for a band workout. Aaron demonstrates bicep curls and shoulder presses. He recommends performing 4 sets.  Great option when on the road or practically anywhere. Read More»

Choosing the Proper Weight When Lifting and Training -
December 21, 2011
When working out with weights, choosing the proper weight for each exercise is necessary. Aaron Marino of alpha m. doesn't include weights in the Weekly Workouts because everyone's weight is difference. He says that you have to find what is comfortable for you. You want to be straining as hard as you can on that last rep. Knowing when to increase your weight is essential for you staying safe and hRead More»
Body Building Basics -
December 15, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how to break down muscle tissue then rebuild muscle tissue bigger and stronger. Aaron goes over muscle building basics at a cellular level. Working out tears down your muscle fibers. When you consume protein, your body breaks it down to amino acids and shuttles it to the muscles. The muscle fibers heal bigger and stronger. Repeating this cycle will give you that Read More»
Seated Bicep Curls -
December 12, 2011
The seated bicep curl is much harder due to being locked into position (you can't cheat or sway). Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the double bicep curls as well as single alternating bicep curls. He also demonstrates hammer curls. Keep elbows tight against your body at all times. Read More»
Preacher Curls -
December 12, 2011
The preacher curl isolates the bicep and doesn't allow for cheating. Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the curl on the preacher bench (45 degree angle). The back of your arm completely rests on the pad and doesn't move. You can do with a bar or dumbbell. With the dumbbell, a lot of guys go with one arm. Read More»
Dumbbell Curls -
December 12, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the standing dumbbell curl versions. Notice when he comes down that the dumbbells are neutral and then when they come up they are turning. You can also do like with a straight bar, keeping your hands in the open position. The twists add a little more range of motion to the bicep. Read More»

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