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How to Get Killer Abs | Get Abs to Show

Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes that seeing abs is more about diet and cardio program than doing crunches.

Combine an ab training program with cardio and diet modifications to reduce overall body fat.

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Essential Fatty Acids -
December 27, 2011
The most important and over-looked supplement is the essential fatty acids (EFAs, omega 3, 6, 9). These are crucial for your well-being whether brain, muscles, or muscles to do the job necessary. You need to supplement extra regardless of how much you are consuming in your diet (salmon or flax seed). Every cell in your body requires these EFAs. These good fats cause the release of the bad fat arouRead More»
Target Heart Rate | Fat Burning  -
December 27, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. explains why your target heart rate is it important and why you need to know what your target rate is. Aaron defines what the heart rate is and what the resting heart rate is. What is the fastest rate your heart beat safely is: 220 - your age = 100% heart rate reserve. There are two different zones: fat burning and anaerobic. The fat burning zone is 100% number times .60 (Read More»
Fat Burners and Fat Loss | CLA and L-Carnitine -
December 27, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents two natural supplements that break down and use fat. CLA (essential fatty acid) breaks down the body, and then the L-Carnitine uses the broken down body fat as energy. Aaron takes 3 CLA 800mg combined with 2 L-Carnitine capsules.  These shred body fat off of you and better than any of those fat burners. Read More»
Abdominal Workout on the Mat -
December 27, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives tips on what to do and what not to do when doing abs on the mat. With crunches, take pressure off of the lower back by taking feet off the mat and cross them. Place hands behind your head. Don't pull neck and head. Keep chin open and up toward the ceiling. Up, pause, and down is the motion. The lower body is curling and crunching as well as the upper body.  Next pulRead More»

Cable Crunches -
December 27, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates cable crunches, which takes practice and muscle control to gain benefit. Use a pulley system and attach handle or rope. Aaron holds handle underhand and then goes down to his knees. He scoots back and brings the cable close to his forehead. Crunch down. Don't move hands, just upper body. Down, pause, up is the movement. Don't sit back and pull or use your armsRead More»
Crunches on the Bench  -
December 27, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates crunches on the bench, which you can do pretty much anywhere. This is one of Aaron's all time favorite ab exercise. Sit on the bench with hands behind, and then rock back so feet are off the ground. Lean back with knees in and crunch. To make the exercise tougher, straighten your legs out. Even more intense, add a dumbbell to your feet for more resistance. AarRead More»
Decline Abs  -
December 27, 2011
Aaron Mario of alpha m. demonstrates decline abs, which he stresses to do properly for effectiveness. You need a decline bench and adjust the decline level. Lock feet in and then place hands across your chest. Go back until you feel a good strain and tension on your ab muscles. Do not go back or up all the way. To make the exercise more difficult, grab a dumbbell or weight place. The higher you hoRead More»
Hanging Leg Raises -
December 27, 2011
Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates hanging leg raises which are a great basic abdominal exercise. You can do with bands / straps or in a leg hanging machine. You can go straight leg (more difficult) or knees up (for just starting or lower back problems). The hardest part is not the ab muscles; it's holding yourself up. The stronger your upper back gets, the better the ability to do hanging leg Read More»
Cardio First Thing in Morning | Burn Body Fat -
December 19, 2011
The best time to do cardio is the first thing in the morning before you consume anything. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that the body burns the most readily available calories. If you want to burn the most body fat as possible, do cardio the first thing in the morning. Thirty minutes of cardio in the morning is equivalent to an hour-and-a-half later in the day. Hit that cardio in the morning guys!Read More»

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