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Six Pack Shortcuts | Abs Superset

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Is anybody else as sick of Mike Chang's face as Alpha is? He's the buff Asian dude littering YouTube- his ad is always up on the right corner. His channel is Six Pack Shortcuts, which makes Alpha laugh because there are no shortcuts to six pack abs, size, or getting ripped! For everything in life, you have to put in the time and the effort.

So, if you are looking to have ripped abs, you need to eat right, perform cardio, and do everything that it takes to achieve that. A lot of guys are interested in ripped abs- look at the magazines in the stores! But you don't need a magazine-- you do need to reduce your body fat AND develop those abdominal muscles. As a result, your can still see abs if your body fat creeps up.

One of Alpha's favorite abdominal supersets is demonstrated. This superset is simple and can be done practically anywhere. All you need is a mat, towel, or blanket. You can perform this superset more than once a week (even every other day). Go through the set four times as follows:

  • Basic crunch - shoulders don't come all that far off of the mat, and it's all about the pause. 20 reps
  • Floor crunch - don't lie all the way down, modify for bad backs, and shoot for 20 reps
  • Toe Touch- slow with pauses and pulses. Support neck if neck problems. Complete 10 reps then 10 final pulses rather fast


If you want to reduce your body fat, follow these videos:


Find your keys to your physique. These videos are a great starting point. It comes down to this: you need to develop a plan, a focus, and keep executing that plan. You may fall off the wagon, but those who get back up and keep going are the ones who are successful. You can do it.

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