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Giant and Super Effective Chest, Shoulder, and Tricep Superset

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Highly recommended, Alpha has a lot of exercises in this one giant and super effective superset.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. recommends completing 3 - 4 sets as described:

  1. body weight dips: 12 solid reps with elbows out
  2. flat bench: weight that you can handle 10 - 12 times (don't go super heavy)
  3. seated side-raises: 10 - 12 reps nice and slow (have the dumbbells at the bench ready-to-go)
  4. tricep dip: 20 reps (keep hands on either side of your butt with elbows back)
  5. standing double tricep kick-backs: 10 -12 (press back and pause while twisting knuckles to the ceiling)
  6. close grip push-ups: get as many as you can (hands shoulder-width apart with elbows close to body)

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