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Leg Day | Incredible 30 Minute Leg Workout

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IAmAlphaM Lunges
It's leg day! The majority of men don't like leg day, and it shows in the gym with bird legs. Friends don't let friends skip leg day! So today Aaron Marino of alpha m. shows you how to train legs in 30 minutes if you hustle. It's all about the supersets:
  1. 3 sets of: Leg press (20 reps) with feet shoulder width apart, making sure feet are high enough on the platform (keeps knees safer) --> leg extensions with pauses (20 reps). Rest for 30 seconds and go for it again.
  2. 3 sets of: Squats or on the Smith Machine (12 - 15 reps) with head up, chest up, butt back --> hamstring curls (12 - 15 reps)
  3. 3 sets of: Walking lunges see link below for lunge demonstration (15 down / 15 back) --> seated calf raises (15 reps slow with a pause then 15 little pulses)

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