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Low Testosterone

Testosterone, the very hormone that makes us men, plays a crucial role in not only maintaining our manliness, but our overall heath, as well.  Puberty brings with it a surge in testosterone that remains high throughout our 20’s and 30’s, but tends to drop off once we hit the big 4-0.

The decline, known as “andropause” is slow, with typical levels dropping only 1% to 2% per year – so don’t panic!  It’s safe to say all men will experience some changes by mid-life; however, only a small percentage actually have levels that medicine considers too low for their age and require testosterone replacement.  Still, that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t notice changes, or can’t get help for issues caused by low testosterone, even if our blood work says our level is age appropriate.

We expect a decreased libido as we age, but there are other changes we experience due to lowering testosterone levels, also; changes we may not even realize are connected to testosterone.  Before discussing low testosterone symptoms, understanding the role this essential hormone plays in a man’s life is important, so we can better decipher which changes are related to it.

The Role Testosterone Plays

  • Testosterone is responsible for the maturation of the penis, testicles and prostate.
  • It causes us to grow taller, stronger and hairier during and after puberty.  Bone and muscle growth depend on it, and are maintained by it throughout our lives.
  • This hormone dictates our sex drive and supports sexual function.  It enables an erection and makes us fertile.
  • It gives us energy and keeps our mood and personality “male”… which women both love and hate about us!


Basically, we have testosterone to thank for our masculine characteristics, which nature seems to enjoy messing with as we age.

The following is a list of common andropause symptoms:

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Fatigue or unexplained tiredness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irritability or mood changes
  • Depression
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Fat gain, particularly abdominal
  • Excessive sweating or night sweats
  • Osteopenia or osteoporosis (bone thinning and loss)


Not all men notice changes, but if you do, talk with your doctor about treatment options.

Testosterone replacement is the #1 approach to tackling andropause and its symptoms.  Be sure your doctor takes low testosterone into consideration if you have any of the above symptoms.  General practitioners and urologists are typical doctors who handle men’s hormones.

Hormone therapy is another arena that has recently opened up to include men.  Women are no longer the only ones who can do something about hormonal changes.  Recognizing the importance and value of testosterone in maintaining our masculinity and health, prescriptions for testosterone replacement have skyrocketed in recent years; making replacement a very acceptable and popular practice.  It’s as simple as applying a daily skin gel; wearing a patch; receiving a monthly injection; or taking a tablet.  There’s no need to suffer in silence any longer… which men tend to do.

If hormone replacement is not your thing, or you have a health condition prohibiting it, yet want to address erectile dysfunction ...

Discuss the use of an ED medication with your doctor.  There are also some natural supplements like Yohimbe that aid erections; however, caution needs to be taken when choosing a natural product.  Be sure there are no contraindications with any medications you’re taking, and avoid certain supplements (like Yohimbe) if you have high blood pressure.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising and limiting alcohol consumption may not preserve your testosterone, but living a healthier life will help relieve andropause symptoms.  Taking care of yourself may be more important now than ever before.

We take being “male” for granted, and why wouldn’t we?  It’s all we know.  But, there comes the unfortunate time when we notice we don’t quite feel or act the same as we once did.  This is just a part of life and aging, but fortunately for us, we live in a time when we can do something about it.  So, don’t despair!  Make an appointment with your doctor and discuss your options.  Testosterone replacement can give you your old self, vitality and confidence back!

by Aaron Marino

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