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Fitness Q & A

Gym Clothing | Look Stylish Working Out

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that just because you are at the gym, working out and sweating doesn't mean you have to look terrible. The same principles with regular clothing applies with gym clothes.

Proper Footwear

Proper footwear is essential when anything action. Depending on the sport or activity, you'll need the shoes designed for it. Alpha goes over specific sports and their respective footwear. He also discussed brands of athletic footwear as well as sizing of the footwear. Have fun with the color of workout shoes. Alpha prefers darker colors and a slim shoe for a more aesthetic look

Recently, Alpha has seen men wearing fashion sneakers while working out. That's okay when working upper body but if you are doing anything that requires running, your feet will get jacked-up. Also, those FiveFingers shoes are his new pet peeve-- they are so crazy ugly! Foot problems are going to develop because people are believing the hype. Chose a different pair of shoes!

Exercise Pants

You have wind pants (swishy material), spandex pants (not recommended), and sweat pants. Regardless if you are wearing swishy or sweat, pay attention to the ankle. Elastic around the ankle is not recommended because it creates a bunch of bags. Open ankles are preferred so that it lays nicer around the shoe. Alpha demonstrates the smooth, seamless line. Alpha sticks with grays, blacks, and army greens.

Outwear Tops and Tee Shirts

Wear the outwear top over the tee shirt, such as a track jacket or hoodie. You look great while staying warm. The outwear should be fitting and not big and bulky. Alpha gives an example of his sweatshirt. V-neck tee shirts are what Alpha wears under the outwear top.

He is not a huge tank top wearing guy. But he dislikes Under Armour more than tank tops... unless you're an athlete! Are you built like the mannequin in the store? If not, don't wear it. You look like you're trying too hard! Some of the tee shirts are okay. What Alpha is talking about are the skin-tight, super-hero looking shirts.

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