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Healthy Eating and Snacks

Fortifx Protein Bar | Healthy Eating

Alpha's really excited to share about this new protein bar. It tastes great!

Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes how additives can be bad for you, and this bar doesn't have them. It's also baked. You can find them online and in nutrition stores. They come in three flavors, which are all amazingly great. The breakdown is great too. They fill you up a lot more than those smaller bars.

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Plan Your Snacks | Healthy Eating -
January 17, 2013
Preparing a bunch of food ahead of time (meals) in order to stay on track with your diet has been discussed in past videos. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses planning snacks as well. He bags fresh vegetables for snacks. Vegetables are great with fiber, keeps you regular, and are low calorie. Munch on something healthy rather than junk. Read More»
Subway the Fast Food Option | Healthy Eating -
January 8, 2013
Subway Sandwiches Subway Breakfasts Who's hungry besides Alpha? Alpha's always hungry. Aaron Marino of alpha m. enjoys Subway's healthy options. Alpha typically avoids fast food; however, Subway offers options when you are out-and-about. Subway has a tremendous variety.     Read More»
The Slimcado | Healthy Eating -
January 4, 2013
Avocado the Simple Superfood | Healthy Eating This is the last avocado video that Alpha's doing but he wanted to share his new find. He got the Slimcado at the local grocery store. Aaron Marino of alpha. says it's 50% less fat with 1/3 less calories. The taste is like a *light* avocado. It's still a great source of vitamins and fiber. Maybe something to put on your shopping list the next time you Read More»
Avocado, Tomato, and Egg White Omelete | Healthy Eating  -
December 20, 2012
Here's how to make the Alpha Omelete! Bon appetit! Aaron Marino of alpha m. sautes diced tomatoes over low heat to warm them up and to take some of the moisture away. He uses salt and pepper to season. Next, Aaron separates four eggs. Once the tomatoes are almost ready, the egg whites are cooked in a pan with Pam. The avocado is sliced next. The eggs are about done and flipped. Then the ingredientRead More»

Think Before Ordering at Restaurants | Healthy Eating -
November 29, 2012
Yesterday, Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes out for brunch and orders healthy. Doh! He forgot to ask for spray rather than butter. You'd be amazed about the hidden calories, but you can special order to cut down on hidden calories. Think through your order. The little things sneak up on you such as butter and salad dressing. So, when you go out to eat, pre-think then order. Read More»
Avocado the Simple Superfood | Healthy Eating -
November 20, 2012
Alpha was just preparing a salad for lunch. Aaron Marino of alpha m. boasts that the avocado is a superfood. An avocado has about 300 calories with 77% fat (mono-saturated fat, "good fat) and 20 essential vitamins and nutrients.  Be conscious of the calories, however. Avocado is great on sandwiches and salads as well as guacamole. He demonstrates preparing an avocado. When picking out an avocado,Read More»
Cook a Sweet Potato to Perfection | Healthy Eating -
November 16, 2012
Sweet potatoes are a great carbohydrate but many people don't know how to cook them. Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the quickest and easiest method to cook them. You need a medium sweet potato, paper towel, and microwave. Cook for 5-minutes on high. Wait and then when you're finished, you have an almost cooked potato. It self steams inside its skin for 10-minutes. Read More»
Wholesome Sandwiches | Healthy Eating -
September 12, 2012
Sandwiches are a great option when you are running out the door. And you can keep the sandwiches relatively healthy. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses lunch meat sodium levels and a healthy bread option. Boar's Head produces a low sodium version of ham, turkey, and American cheese. The version has 40% lower sodium than in typical lunch meat. Aaron's favorite bread is by Nature's Own 9 Grain whichRead More»
Go-To Protein Snack on the Road | Muscle Milk Light -
August 23, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. has a great snack that doesn't need to be refrigerated, is light and easy to carry, and is healthy and satisfying. Alpha advocates grabbing Muscle Milk Light when you are running out the door. Find 4-packs for around $5 in the grocery store and toss 'em in your computer bag, man purse, or satchel. Read More»

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