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The Twenty Minute Rule of Eating | Cut Down on Food Consumption

A way to cut down on the amount of food you consume is the Twenty Minute Rule. Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about slowing down when you eat.

Stomach to brain registry takes about 20 minutes to acknowledge that you are full. If you slam food, you will end up stuffed and ready to pop. This is not effective for weight loss or maintenance. Prevent this by slowing down! You will aid in digestion by chewing more and consume less.

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Hold the Cheese, Please | Lose Body Fat -
January 14, 2013
Are you wanting to obtain or maintain a low body fat percentage? A key component is monitoring what you consume. Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares how to cut unnecessary calories. He reduces the amount of cheese and describes how to. He suggests leaving the cheese off, using reduced fat, and trying Laughing Cow. Read More»
Subway the Fast Food Option | Healthy Eating -
January 8, 2013
Subway Sandwiches Subway Breakfasts Who's hungry besides Alpha? Alpha's always hungry. Aaron Marino of alpha m. enjoys Subway's healthy options. Alpha typically avoids fast food; however, Subway offers options when you are out-and-about. Subway has a tremendous variety.     Read More»
The Slimcado | Healthy Eating -
January 4, 2013
Avocado the Simple Superfood | Healthy Eating This is the last avocado video that Alpha's doing but he wanted to share his new find. He got the Slimcado at the local grocery store. Aaron Marino of alpha. says it's 50% less fat with 1/3 less calories. The taste is like a *light* avocado. It's still a great source of vitamins and fiber. Maybe something to put on your shopping list the next time you Read More»
I Cannot Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! -
December 27, 2012
Most holidays are synonymous with food, lots and lots of food. Large festive meals, awesome hors d'oeuvres, homemade pastries and sweets that grace our palate once a year are usually too much for most of us to resist. Even people who are normally clean eaters fall victim to the food madness; ignoring the inevitable agony that anxiously awaits them. So, what's a guy to do? Turn down mom's apple pieRead More»

Hanging with Alpha | Papa Alpha's Nutrisystem #1 -
December 27, 2012
It's been one-month since Papa Alpha started Nutrisystem. He's lost 15 pounds. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses Papa Alpha's adherence to the diet. He had a cheat meal. Alpha discusses cheat *days* and how people go hog-wild. Cheat *meals*, however, are okay since they are managed. Give your body and mind a rest from the monotony of the diet with a cheat *meal*. Keep in mind that your weight wilRead More»
Avocado, Tomato, and Egg White Omelete | Healthy Eating  -
December 20, 2012
Here's how to make the Alpha Omelete! Bon appetit! Aaron Marino of alpha m. sautes diced tomatoes over low heat to warm them up and to take some of the moisture away. He uses salt and pepper to season. Next, Aaron separates four eggs. Once the tomatoes are almost ready, the egg whites are cooked in a pan with Pam. The avocado is sliced next. The eggs are about done and flipped. Then the ingredientRead More»
Food Poisoning SOS!  -
December 18, 2012
Tis the season to be jolly... unless you have the misfortune of eating contaminated food.  Although food poisoning can occur at anytime, this time of year, with all its holiday celebrations, increase our chances of encountering toxins, like salmonella and staphylococcus. Holiday parties, office luncheons, and dinners expose us to food that is often unrefrigerated for too long, or that's been imprRead More»
Hanging in Alpha | Papa Alpha Started Nutrisystem -
December 17, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. is proud of his Dad for taking a step to lose weight. He is partaking in a diet program. Papa Alpha describes how weight has been a battle his whole life and how he never took gym class in high school. As Papa Alpha has gotten older, weight has become a bigger challenge. And now, when puts a good day in the gym, he feels justified to eat more. He started Nutrisystem and deRead More»
Think Before Ordering at Restaurants | Healthy Eating -
November 29, 2012
Yesterday, Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes out for brunch and orders healthy. Doh! He forgot to ask for spray rather than butter. You'd be amazed about the hidden calories, but you can special order to cut down on hidden calories. Think through your order. The little things sneak up on you such as butter and salad dressing. So, when you go out to eat, pre-think then order. Read More»

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