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"Food Matters" | Must See Food Documentary

Food Matters
"Food Matters" is a  documentary that will change your perspective about food. Alpha ordered it from Netflix and watched it twice.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says it talks about nutrients and the importance of a balanced diet. It's matter-of-fact and not all crazy into holistic. He can't say enough good stuff about it. If you are a healthy person who takes care of yourself, this is a must-see.

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Simple Trick to Get Your Bowels Moving | Relieving Constipation  -
January 31, 2013
Alpha sets the stage: you just woke up and get out out of bed. Immediately you go to the kitchen. Lemon + warm water = success! Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses a trick he learned in order to keep regular. Within 10 minutes to an hour, you should find results. If are currently using laxatives on a regular basis, you need to address why you constipated: fiber? water? Prolonged used of laxatives cRead More»
Hanging with Alpha | Papa Alpha Nutrisystem #2 -
January 29, 2013
It’s been two-months since Papa Alpha started Nutrisystem, and he has officially lost almost 20 pounds. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses Papa Alpha’s past diet plans and weight loss. This weight loss is big news as he has not been this successful in the past. He wants to lose another 50 pounds. He's also taken another big step by joining a fitness center. Papa Alpha discusses his workout rouRead More»
How to Deal with Slow Progress in Your Diet or Workout  -
January 28, 2013
Are you frustrated because you feel you aren't progressing fast enough with your diet, weight loss, muscle gain, fitness program? Alpha's been there and got the tee shirt. Aaron Marino of alpha m. used to be a competitive natural body builder. He looks his best but felt his worst. His diet and cardio were different back then; however, the weight lifting was the same as now. Being *that* lean is noRead More»
Who Knows What Azodicarbonamide Is? | Food Additives -
January 25, 2013
Azodicarbonamide- Another Reason to Avoid Most Bread And if you said, "yes", Alpha calls B.S. The azodicarbonamide is illegal in some countries but here in the US, it's a common ingredient in fast food breads and crappy breads in the grocery stores. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses what azocarbonamide is... plus a link for further information. Check This Out! The principal use of azodicarbonamidRead More»

Plan Your Snacks | Healthy Eating -
January 17, 2013
Preparing a bunch of food ahead of time (meals) in order to stay on track with your diet has been discussed in past videos. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses planning snacks as well. He bags fresh vegetables for snacks. Vegetables are great with fiber, keeps you regular, and are low calorie. Munch on something healthy rather than junk. Read More»
The Twenty Minute Rule of Eating | Cut Down on Food Consumption -
January 16, 2013
A way to cut down on the amount of food you consume is the Twenty Minute Rule. Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about slowing down when you eat. Stomach to brain registry takes about 20 minutes to acknowledge that you are full. If you slam food, you will end up stuffed and ready to pop. This is not effective for weight loss or maintenance. Prevent this by slowing down! You will aid in digestion by cRead More»
Hold the Cheese, Please | Lose Body Fat -
January 14, 2013
Are you wanting to obtain or maintain a low body fat percentage? A key component is monitoring what you consume. Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares how to cut unnecessary calories. He reduces the amount of cheese and describes how to. He suggests leaving the cheese off, using reduced fat, and trying Laughing Cow. Read More»
Subway the Fast Food Option | Healthy Eating -
January 8, 2013
Subway Sandwiches Subway Breakfasts Who's hungry besides Alpha? Alpha's always hungry. Aaron Marino of alpha m. enjoys Subway's healthy options. Alpha typically avoids fast food; however, Subway offers options when you are out-and-about. Subway has a tremendous variety.     Read More»
The Slimcado | Healthy Eating -
January 4, 2013
Avocado the Simple Superfood | Healthy Eating This is the last avocado video that Alpha's doing but he wanted to share his new find. He got the Slimcado at the local grocery store. Aaron Marino of alpha. says it's 50% less fat with 1/3 less calories. The taste is like a *light* avocado. It's still a great source of vitamins and fiber. Maybe something to put on your shopping list the next time you Read More»

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