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Five Tips for Staying Motivated | Motivation and Willpower

You're ready to make a change? Maybe something about your life or you? Whatever it is, getting motivated is the easy part. Staying motivated is the difficult part.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. feels others are nagging him if they are trying to motivate him. He feels the motivation has to come from within him. He is always on the lookout for good ideas from friends and others. His friend, Steve, has a feel good site for dudes- The Mansphere. And specifically, the article about motivation is a gem. The five tips for staying motivated include:

    1. Create a picture board and fill it with images of your desired goals
    2. GET ANGRY
    3. Start to appreciate the value of time
    4. Conformity
    5. Fear your fear

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New Topics Added Weekly!
What Causes Gas | Farting and Flatulence -
April 18, 2013
You're on that all-important first date, or maybe you're in a crowded elevator, and suddenly the monster that lives within is trying its best to escape. Insensitive to your surroundings, the body attempts to expel this demon as though it's performing an exorcism; causing you to contort with pain as you tighten every muscle in our body to contain the beast. And what beast is that? Gas and the passiRead More»
Junk Food Withdrawal | Healthy Eating -
April 12, 2013
Alpha is preparing a healthy lunch, which got him thinking about a client he's been assisting with his diet. The client has been moody and not having good time with friends. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that dieting can cause grumpiness and moodiness. A junk food withdrawal is occurring when you limit starchy carbs, sugar, and fats. This typically lasts 3 -4 days with cravings. Thereafter, you wiRead More»
Are You a Hardgainer? | Ectomorph -
April 11, 2013
Are you a hardgainer? If you have a thin body type, and have trouble gaining weight and muscle, chances are you're a hardgainer. It's almost surprising that in a time when so many of us struggle to keep weight off, there are those who fight to put it on. We're beginning to hear more about this condition today than ever before. Not that it's a new condition, but because, as with so many issues, it'Read More»
When to Consume Protein Powder -
April 3, 2013
Are you confused when to drink your protein powder? Are you hearing conflicting info from friends? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says the first thing is to determine if you are taking a protein powder or meal replacement powder. Generally 25- 30 grams of protein is all your body can assimilate- so don't overdo it. Take one or two scoops a day. A great time to take it is after your workout as absorptionRead More»

Cut the Calories of Pizza in Half | Healthy Eating -
March 21, 2013
Who doesn't love pizza!? Alpha knows how to make a cheap meal healthier. Aaron Marino of alpha m. takes a DiGiorno frozen pizza and reduces the calories. The majority of calories come from the meats: sausages and pepperoni. The calories are reduced by simply removing the toppings prior to cooking. The pizza is still tasty without the meat. Also order your pizza with light cheese (and reduces the sRead More»
Hanging with Alpha | Papa Alpha's Nutrisystem #3  -
March 13, 2013
What's up with Papa Alpha's diet? He went off of the diet when his friends were in town but is back on track. Papa Alpha says the most important aspect is that he is making better food choices and has reduced his food consumption. Aaron Marino of alpha m. points out that it's no wonder people are overweight due to what and where they eat. If you want to know if a place is healthy, check out the paRead More»
Fortifx Protein Bar | Healthy Eating -
February 15, 2013
Alpha's really excited to share about this new protein bar. It tastes great! Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes how additives can be bad for you, and this bar doesn't have them. It's also baked. You can find them online and in nutrition stores. They come in three flavors, which are all amazingly great. The breakdown is great too. They fill you up a lot more than those smaller bars. Read More»
"Food Matters" | Must See Food Documentary -
February 6, 2013
Food Matters "Food Matters" is a  documentary that will change your perspective about food. Alpha ordered it from Netflix and watched it twice. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says it talks about nutrients and the importance of a balanced diet. It's matter-of-fact and not all crazy into holistic. He can't say enough good stuff about it. If you are a healthy person who takes care of yourself, this is a mRead More»
Simple Trick to Get Your Bowels Moving | Relieving Constipation  -
January 31, 2013
Alpha sets the stage: you just woke up and get out out of bed. Immediately you go to the kitchen. Lemon + warm water = success! Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses a trick he learned in order to keep regular. Within 10 minutes to an hour, you should find results. If are currently using laxatives on a regular basis, you need to address why you constipated: fiber? water? Prolonged used of laxatives cRead More»

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