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Out the Door Checklist | Preparing for a Date

alpha_m_image_consultingSo, you are going out on the town.  It may be a hot date you have been working towards for months, or it may be your wedding anniversary, and you are surprising your wife with a well planned night on the town.  This night is special for more than just one reason.

You took extra time and care while picking out what to wear. You put on a bit more deodorant (not your typical single swipe application), shoes were cleaned, hair styled extra well, and you took greater care while shaving for that extra smooth face you know she loves.  You feel great, look amazing and are confident the night will be grand!  It will be great and let me tell you part of the reason why…

You are confident and this can’t be denied or overlooked.  The lucky lady you are with feels special and valued because she can tell you put effort into looking good to impress her.  This scenario plays out time and time again – not only in relationships, but in your professional and social world, as well.  The situation may be a hot date, an anniversary, church service, big meeting, job interview, or even a high school reunion.

In preparation for these situations, you my friend, are executing and implementing your best attempt at style and personal packaging – your image!  My question to you is, if you feel this good and confident when you take the extra time to ensure a great package, why don’t you do this everyday of your life?

Style and great image don’t happen when you apply yourself just once, twice, or even three times a month.  Style and image is an everyday/every event thing.  In order to be perceived as stylish and having a great image, one must practice consistency.  If you show a track record of dressing like crap, this will be how people view you.  It doesn’t matter that you looked sharp the day you met with your client, or when you went out on that one date.  It’s about always looking good, so do not let your guard down!

Alright, we have determined we need to pay attention to detail on a daily basis, but how?  What do we, as men, need to do before we walk out the door to ensure we are bringing “our best” to the table every day?  Look in the mirror – a full length mirror.  Most of us use the mirror in our bathroom as the gage of our togetherness.  A mirror that only shows us from the chest up may not be painting the most accurate picture.  A full length mirror will allow you to view the whole picture.  Are your shoes scuffed?  Is your fly open?  Is there a big stain on your shirt?  Stand back, face forward, start by looking at your feet and work your way up.  Analyze your clothing choices independently of each other and as a total package.  By standing back and taking it all in, you will be able to see what the world sees.

Points of analysis

o Are they clean?
o Are they scuffed?
o Are they worn out and old looking?
o Are they stylish?

o Are they long enough?
o Are they too long?
o Are they stained?
o Are they wrinkled?
o Do they fit?
o Is your fly zipped?

o Does it match your shoes?
o Is it worn out and scratched up?
o Is the buckle lined up with your fly?
o Did you miss a belt loop?

o Is it clean?
o Is it pressed?
o Free of small holes?
o Buttoned appropriately?
o Fit well?
o Outdated?

o Long enough (stop at the middle of belt buckle)?
o Short enough (stop at the middle of belt buckle)?
o Free from stains?
o Free of wrinkles?
o Tied with a symmetrical and centered knot?
o Stylish or outdated?

Jacket or Sport coat:
o Is it wrinkled?
o Is it too large?
o Is it too small?
o Does it fit you?
o Does it match or compliment your outfit?

Now, it is time to move onto your head and face, so go back to the mirror in the bathroom for a close look at your hair: nose, ear, face, head.

o Can you see hair when you look forward?
o Can you see hair when you turn to the side (both sides)?
o Can you see hair when you tilt your head up?
o (If you answer yes to any of these, trim them)

o Do you have hair that protrudes out of your ear (inside and out?)
o (If the answer is yes, trim with nose hair trimmers)

o Did you shave today?
o Is there stray hair that you missed near your nose?
o If you wear facial hair, is it neatly trimmed?
o Ask yourself: would you kiss yourself?
o If the answer to the kissing question is no… take care of the issue!

o Does your hair look good?
o If you don’t have hair, are you cleanly shaven?
o Are you overly gelled or sprayed?
o Is there stray hair sticking up out of place?

Now let’s talk about a very important aspect of your image – oral hygiene.

o Have you flossed?
o Have you brushed?
o Are your teeth stained and in need of a good bleaching treatment?
o Have you used mouthwash?

o See above and if your breath still needs help, get some gum or mints and use them.

Paying attention to these key points on a daily basis, prior to walking out the door, will help ensure that you are ready to face the world, no matter what situation you are in.

by Aaron Marino

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