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Alpha M

A Tale of Two Hair Styles | Men's Hair Cut from Long to Short

Virtual Grooming
Aaron Marino of alpha m. takes you along on a man's emotional journey about his hair. David has had long flowing locks for over 20-years. Alpha displays his before picture. He's a big dude with big crazy 80s hair.

Alpha talks about assumptions about men who have long hair. Right or wrong, people have feelings and impressions about men with long hair. Now that you have formed an opinion about David, what do you think he does? He's huge in the tattoo community as a world renowned artist.

About 2 years ago, Alpha worked with David's image but not his hair. Now David is ready to cut his hair. He feels like his identity is tied to his hair and needs a change. David visited Alpha in Atlanta and got his hair cut with Stephen at Dyer & Posta. He donated his hair to Locks of Love. David has really curly and wavy hair. He got a keratin treatment to straighten it.

David's after picture is revealed. The after effects of having all of your hair cut off: it was such a shock. It was a big change. When David left, the reality sank in, and he went through a bit of depression for a day or two. The good news is that he now feels good about it, knows he did the right thing, and feels sexy. Alpha commends and applauds him!

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November 26, 2010
This video is long overdue. What is the single most important aspect of your image? Do you have a guess? Aaron Marino of alpha m. reveals that it's your CHARACTER! Your character distinguishes you from everyone else around you. You may have the best clothes and presentation, but if you character is lacking, you have just become the ugliest person in the room. Anyone with money can buy clothes and Read More»

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