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Where Singles Go to Mingle

A very common complaint of my single clients is that they don’t know where to go in order to be around and meet single women.  We know where they aren’t… they aren’t hanging out at your place while you sit there and play video games with your buddies.

So, the first step in meeting a potential mate is stepping outside of your comfort zone and being willing to try new things.  Variety is the spice of life and nothing great was ever achieved without hard work and a little risk.  Well, I am Alpha M is unlocking the mystery surrounding where to go to meet tons of single women.

Here is the Alpha M Top 10 places to meet quality women (non-internet)

Bars and Clubs

I know it is cliché, but bars and clubs are typically crawling with single women.  To tell you the truth, the majority of women who are in a club are single.  If they were in a relationship their significant other would be there to fend off would be creepers.  Some experts say that women gathered in a group is a negative, and you should wait until they go to the bathroom or excuse themselves to get a drink before you approach.  I say bring on the group, this gives us more options to choose from!  Never go for the best looking one – she is always getting approached and her friends know what to expect.  Every guy who comes over tries talking to her, but if you opt for her cute friend, you will score major points with all of them; not to mention making the cute friend feel like the queen of the ball.

Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

There is something incredibly sexual about the gym.  Men and women exerting themselves, sweating, pumping, breathing (I better stop… I’m getting myself all worked up); all of this done while wearing next to nothing.  The gym is an ideal place for you to casually check out the “talent” while getting yourself fit.  Generally speaking, evenings after 5pm is the best time and most variety.  Unfortunately, the ladies aren’t hitting the weights as much as they are cardio, so find an empty treadmill next to a cute girl with a bare ring finger and have at it.  Spin class is also a great option and full of women.

Yoga Classes

I, for one, want to thank the person who invented Yoga pants.  Thank you Mr. Yoga pants creator.  Your pants have made a nation of assess look even better.  On a slightly more serious note, if you have never been to a yoga class before, it is time to limber up, my single friend, because you don’t get much better than this hour of power!  Aside from all of the hot women, you could use the relaxation… and no guy I know stretches enough.  Don’t worry if you feel like a fool at first.  You will get better and be amazed at all of the potential surrounding you (in provocative poses).  Downward Dog Anyone?

Coffee Shops

Your local coffee shop is a great place to go and grab a cup of coffee or tea, a good book and a possible date.  Coffee shops are crawling with women drinking Chi Tea Mocha Latte’s by the gallon, and using a little free internet to do homework, or, better yet, check their Facebook profile.  You could always ask them why you are not friends yet (Facebook friends).  She is either going to smile and start chatting you u, or she will quickly pack her bags and hit the road.  Rejection hurts less in a caffeine induced haze.


Got some time to kill and feel like looking intelligent?  Hit your local book store, find a good book, grab a comfortable chair and relax.  You will be amazed at how many attractive women of all ages are there.  Evenings and weekends are best!

The Shopping Mall

Have you ever been shopping with your ex-wife, ex-girlfriend or sister, and noticed how many smoking hot women are at the mall?  Some are there shopping, but the sales associates in some of these stores look like they should be modeling the clothes and not stocking the shelves.  Trendy women’s stores are known for hiring for looks and not just charming personalities.  Hit the mall and don’t be afraid to go into women’s stores.  You just have to have a reason for going in.  You’re shopping for your sister; it is your friend’s birthday and she loves this store; you are shopping for your grandmother who is surprisingly trendy for her age (78 years young); I have even seen guys ask if they sell men’s clothing.  Don’t be shy – get out there and look around.


“Dear Lord… please bring hot chics to church this Sunday.”  What am I talking about?  Hot women already go to church and are looking to meet a nice guy.  Church is one of the best places to meet single women.  You can flirt and be friendly without looking like you are trying.  There are even singles groups at most, if not all places of worship.  So make it a point to hit a service next Sunday.  It would be good for your soul, and you may possibly meet your soul mate… Amen!

Hair Salons

Hair Salons (not barber shops or those chain places next to your grocery store) are a great place to visit to keep you looking fresh, and to also get to know the female stylist.  I’m not saying that you should try and go after your stylist, but let her get to know you and what a great guy you are (a nice tip doesn’t hurt to grease the wheels).  Then after 2 or 3 cuts, jokingly ask her to set you up with one of her friends or clients.  Hair dressers know a TON of single women.

Nail Salons

Women love a man who is well groomed.  I know you may feel a little funny going into a nail salon and getting a manicure, but come on now guys… it’s even called a MAN-icure.  Don’t be sheepish, my little single soldier, nail salons have nothing but women who take care of themselves!  Their hands are on display, and so spotting rings, or the absence of, is easier than ever.  Go in and get your hands or toes done on a Saturday; early afternoon is best because many women are getting prepped for their evening out.  It may feel a bit odd having a little foreign woman message your feet, but it feels amazing and you will be in GREAT company!

Wine Tastings

Don’t like wine?  Are you more of a beer kind of guy?  Well, time to develop your pallet, my friend, because wine tastings are popping up all over the place… and who goes to wine tastings???  Single women in droves!!!  Grab a friend, grab an uncle, grab your mother and go learn about different wines.  Recommending a specific wine when on a dinner date is a great way to impress her.  Remember, my friends, you don’t need to know it all – just enough to be dangerous!  Wine tastings are a fantastic place to hang out, get a nice buzz and mingle until your heart’s content… or until your mom passes out!

by Aaron Marino

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