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Alpha M

Win a Fight Every Time | Fist Fighting and Physical Altercations

Alpha has a story for you! First, he puts it in context. He lives in Atlanta, GA in a suburb where crimes are low-- but fashion crimes are high. He was at the gym the other day where there was a commotion at the basketball court. So, he looks over at two grown men having a fist fight on the court. They got escorted out but continued in the parking lot with a shoot-out!

So, this got him thinking about fighting and dealing with dickheads. How do you wind a physical altercation every time? Times have changed since elementary school. Now someone will pull out a gun, knife, or ninja sword and seriously mess you up! What about those sucker punches?

Five Reasons Why Physical Altercations Occur

  1. You are a moron - you're a big bully looking for fights and picking fights. You're an idiot! You need to stop! There's nothing you're gaining!
  2. You hang out with a bunch of jerk offs - young guys in a group can get aggression fueled. It's the gang mentality - sheep following the alpha male. If you're hanging out with these jack-offs, find new friends.
  3. Fear of looking like a wimp or pussy - you don't want to be *that guy* and succumb to peer pressure
  4. Alcohol breeds insecurity
  5. Defending someone's honor - the scenario that Alpha's referring to is 'general fights' and this is not an option


Which one of these is a good reason to get in a fight? NONE of them! Alpha has never been in a fist fight. He's gotten into heated situations but nothing that escalated into physical violence. He's always talked his way out. It's a choice. Alpha is proud that he's never allowed his emotions to run wild and gotten into fight. Nothing good comes out of fighting. Use you most powerful body part-- your brain!

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