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Alpha M

What Makes a Man Sexy?

Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks with Tasha who says that men should bring women flowers, cookies, and candies. Gifts are always appreciated.

Aaron tells a story about one of the first gives his wife when they were dating. Tasha also says a man is sexy due to his swag, how he talks to you, and his confidence. Make sure to give a lady compliments.

Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
Men's Makeup -
October 3, 2012
A lot more men wearing makeup on a daily basis to even out skin tone and add color to lips. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is talking about men's makeup. Years ago Aaron did a YouTube video about makeup which he made private since the video offended people. He also took it down because the message was wrong. Alpha feels that cover-up is okay for covering up a blemish. Also, people behind the camera wearRead More»
Resume and Cover Letter Advice | Templates and Tips -
October 2, 2012
Resume Templates Resume Writing Tips Resumes and Cover Letters Need some guidance about resume and cover letter composition? Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives his advice and suggestions to viewers.  The resume helps you get the foot in the door and must be well done. Alpha shares links for where to go to get templates and tips.The interview is the most important part as you can looRead More»
Hard Work Pays Off | Entrepreneurship  -
September 26, 2012
Hard work, drive, and responsibility is the topic of discussion between Peter Marino and Aaron Marino of alpha m. Everyone must make their own way in this world. You need to make it work, rather than having someone else saddle the responsibility. Entrepreneurship is a tough road to travel, and Aaron tells his story about when he owned his gym. He also talks about how the kids are getting spoiled fRead More»
Shop Like a NINJA! | Shopping Effectively and Efficiently  -
September 25, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. advises how shop and spend effectively and efficiently when shopping at multiple shops to find the perfect items. Plan how to methodically attack the mall. Use a notebook and jot down exactly that you are shopping for. Visit the 'go-to' stores that have stuff for you: department stores, The GAP, Banana Republic, Express, and other designated exclusively for men. The higherRead More»

Killer Customer Service Is King | Daily Common Courtesy  -
September 20, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. ordered a belt from Johnson & Murphy the other day. Since then, he received a hand-written postcard from the sale associate. The point Alpha wants to make is about customer service and common courtesy. A surprise like this postcard elevates the perception of the company. These extra steps make such a difference. With day-to-day life, common courtesy needs to be extendeRead More»
Wearing Black and Brown Together  -
September 17, 2012
Whoever said wearing black and brown is a 'no no' doesn't know the heck of what they are talking about. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses combining colors that you wouldn't necessarily think to combine. Black and brown works, and works incredibly well, as a calculated fashion risk. Match the belt with the shoes to make a statement. Don't wear to a conservative setting such as a job interview. KeeRead More»
Alpha Interview | Attraction and First Impressions -
September 13, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. interviews Nicole and Daphne about what attracted them to their men as well as the first thing they notice in a man. Alpha asks Nicole what attracted her to her husband. Initially she was attracted to his exotic features. He also carries himself well, and he's very clean cut. He also dresses very well. She says the best tip for the average guy to look better is to workout.Read More»
Dance Like No One is Watching -
September 11, 2012
Club Dance Lessons channel Learn to Dance | Dance Club Basics So, you're at the club, and you don't know what to do on the dance floor. Aaron Marino of alpha m. took a class in ballroom dancing back in college where the dances are structured. The problem is when it comes to dancing to modern music at the clubs, there is no structure. Aaron is incredibly uncomfortable dancing at a club unless he'sRead More»
Meet Aaron Marino's Nana -
September 3, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. has a special treat for viewers. His Nana is visiting from Philadelphia. Nana says 'hello'. She just had her 85th birthday. Tracey Marino is making Nana's signature recipe cheesecake. And Nana made some meatballs and gnocchi. They are going to manga... then Aaron's going to go for a long run. Read More»

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