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Alpha M

Celebrity Style Transformation | Pitbull

Thank you, thank you. Ladies and gentleman, you are welcomed to the first Alpha M Image Awards. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents recipient for 'most improved overall' to artist known as Pitbull.

Yes, he had an incredible transformation from 'Mr. Please Do Not Carjack Me" to one who wears perfectly tailored $3,000 suits. The result is substantial.  He now internationally recognized as a style icon. Well done sir!

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Social Media Profile Series | Tip #3 Vague Posts -
February 12, 2013
Have you ever posted a vague status update? You sprinkle a bit of info out there but not enough. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says there are better ways of getting attention. Take a stand and make a pact to not encourage vague-booking. A rule-of-thumb is: if you have something to say, post it. Write enough that the reader knows exactly what you are thinking. Then move on... Read More»
Alpha M. Success Story | How Gus Did It -
February 12, 2013
What you are about to hear is a feel-good, inspirational story about Gustavo. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives Gustavo's background, which includes style that doesn't bat 1,000 and a compressed vertebrae. Gus, at one point, let himself go. But after being inspired by Alpha's videos, Gus has lost 20 pounds, looks good, and feels great. You have two choices: you can let life happen or make it happenRead More»
Time Management Tip 5 and 6 | Time for Yourself and Bedtime -
February 8, 2013
Welcome back to another installment for time management. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that tip 5 is to schedule time for just yourself. 30 minutes to an hour per day is crucial to maintain sanity, to be clearheaded, and to promote time management in other areas of your life. Slow down and take time for yourself. Tip 6 is getting to bed earlier. Being well rested with 7 to 8 hours of sleep will mRead More»
Time for a New Hobby | Try Something New! -
February 7, 2013
The Guitar Guy Channel Alpha wants you to meet Mark from New Zealand who is The Guitar Guy. Mark's videos got Alpha thinking about hobbies and trying something new. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has a guitar and can play a bit of folk music. He comments that when we were younger, we tried new things. As we get older, we forget about the little things we like doing. Alpha's dabbled in lots of things, buRead More»

Time Management Tips 3 and 4 | Social Media and Email  -
February 6, 2013
So, you are getting up earlier and making your to-do list. You are feeling great, and you are getting things done. Aaron Marino of alpha m. now asks how much time are you spending social media? Probably more than you should be. Set a specific time and limit to social surfing: 15-minutes at lunch or dinner. Tip 4 is scheduling email answering time. Answer your emails at a specified time and for a lRead More»
Social Media Profile Series | Tip #2 Tagging and Tags -
February 5, 2013
Alright, we already talked about the profile picture. We need to now talk about other pictures you post and pictures you are tagged in. Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes that you must use discretion. You know your privacy settings but you don't know your friends' privacy settings. You never know what pictures fall into the wrong hands; therefore, all pictures you post and the pictures you are taRead More»
Time Management Tips 1 and 2 | Get Up Earlier and To Do List  -
February 4, 2013
I know, you're a busy guy. That's why you're barely making your deadlines, always running late, and have an inbox full of emails. Perhaps it's not because you're too busy. Perhaps it's because of poor time management. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives some tips on helping with time management. Tip 1 is getting up an hour earlier. Tip 2 is a 'to do list'. Alpha elaborates on both to help you improve yRead More»
Simple Trick to Get Your Bowels Moving | Relieving Constipation  -
January 31, 2013
Alpha sets the stage: you just woke up and get out out of bed. Immediately you go to the kitchen. Lemon + warm water = success! Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses a trick he learned in order to keep regular. Within 10 minutes to an hour, you should find results. If are currently using laxatives on a regular basis, you need to address why you constipated: fiber? water? Prolonged used of laxatives cRead More»
Do Not Be Afraid of the Doctor | White Coat Syndrome -
January 31, 2013
Who hates going to the doctor-- raise your hand? Alpha used to have *white coat syndrome*. He was uncomfortable due to his use of using chewing tobacco. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says a lot of men have a tough time going to the doctor. Never going is a horrible idea. So many conditions can be caught early and treated. If you don't go, you have no idea and, therefore, it can't be treated. The doctorRead More»

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