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Social Media Profile Pictures | Your Personal Brand

With social network profile pictures, have consistency as you're painting the picture of your 'brand'. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is not social media savvy. He doesn't consider himself a social networking type of guy. He doesn't do much with any of it except YouTube.

When he started doing social networking, he didn't realize how it was going to grow and the need for businesses for social networking profiles. Aaron has seen some horrible profile pictures. If you are going to participate in networking sites, you need to have consistency. You are your brand that paints the picture of who you are.

If your Facebook is crazy but your Linked in is professional and proper, there's a disconnect.  Keep your Linked in profile professional and your Facebook 'bland' as you never know who's looking and what the message is.


Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
Procrastination | Stop Procrastinating -
April 20, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. procrastinates things he doesn't want to do. He procrastinates mowing the yard and laundry. We all procrastinate certain things. When Aaron is working on the stylesystem, he had absolutely no fun writing, filming, and putting the pieces together. The fun part was conceptualizing it. He didn't procrastinate it as the 'unfun' part because it leads to another 'fun' part. RemeRead More»
Bystander Effect | Don't Just Stand There!  -
April 18, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about what an alpha male should be today. He should not falling prey to the 'bystander effect'. The bystander effect is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases where individuals do not offer any means of help in an emergency situation to the victim when other people are present. As the number of bystanders increases, any given bystander is less likely Read More»
The Art of Giving Compliments -
April 16, 2012
How great is it to receive a compliment?  It’s safe to say we all appreciate and enjoy being acknowledged and given recognition for something we’ve accomplished; no matter how minor it is.  Hearing that we look good, did good, smell good, whatever – is like getting a big pat on the back, which has a way of validating and rewarding us for doing something positive.  Compliments just feel goRead More»
Inexpensive First Date Ideas | Dating Advice -
April 10, 2012
Remember if you ask someone out on a date, you are obligated to pay. In fact, Aaron Marino of alpha m. thinks a man should always pay. You don't need to have money to do fun and inventive dates. He presents thrifty date options that don't break the bank. Your date will think you are sweet and creative: Pack a picnic (with a bottle of wine) in your backpack and go to the park Buy a kite, football,Read More»

Bad Breath | Horrible Halitosis -
April 9, 2012
Bad breath; we all have it sometimes – some more than others, but no one’s exempt.  It ranks up there with some of the nastiest odors known to man, and can definitely be a game changer if left untreated. Mornings and certain foods like garlic and onions have a way of victimizing us all.  However, those situations can be easily remedied with a toothbrush or piece of gum, but what about the moRead More»
Quit Nail Biting and Picking | Stop Chewing on Your Nails -
April 3, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses how to quit nail biting, which is a dirty and nasty habit. Gnarled and mangled fingers are not a positive image to project.  It makes you look lazy and sloppy. First thing you need to stop a bad habit: you have to have the desire to quit. Next, identify the reason why you are biting. Are you bored, stressed, or why? Addiction is physical and/or mental. Nail bitiRead More»
Mumble Much? -
March 29, 2012
Do people frequently ask you to repeat what you said?  Are you often unable to be heard, speak too quickly, or mispronounce words?  If you’re like many guys, you probably could use a little brushing up on your speaking skills. People learn to speak pretty much the same way they learn to do most things – by observing what others in their environment do.  From birth, we begin to mimic those aRead More»
Small Talk Skills | Conversation Starters -
March 27, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses how to be comfortable in social situations, including groups. Aaron has not always been as jovial and smooth as he is presently. Being comfortable in social situations is the key to be able to interact, network, and communicate as effectively as possible. Start making conversation with people that 'don't matter', with whom you have no commitment, and to whom you Read More»
How To Be a Gentleman | Guide to Table Manners -
March 15, 2012
As often as we sit at a table to eat a meal, one would assume we automatically know and practice proper dining etiquette; when the reality is, most men are clueless about table manners.  Sure, we know we should chew with our mouths closed, and never talk with a full mouth, but what about everything else? If someone hasn’t explained the rules, or been an example for you, you’re probably as in Read More»

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