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Smoking and Your Image | How to Quit Smoking and Nicotine

Have you ever heard the term 'smokin' hot'? Well, Aaron Marino of alpha m. has some news for you. There's nothing 'hot' about smoking. Here are some ideas of how you can kick the habit:

Alpha has never been a smoker but for about 15-years he was addicted to nicotine through smokeless tobacco. He was incredibly addicted! In regard to nicotine, he was using the equivalent of 3-packs of cigarettes a day.

Smoking isn't sexy, cool, or hot whether female or male. The image is poor. And smoking makes you stink! Everything about you stinks, including your clothes! No matter how much mouthwash, your breath smells like smoke. It stains your teeth and hands. And over time, it ages your face. It's expensive too! You can save money per month and spend it on your wardrobe instead.

Quitting nicotine is hard to do. It isn't easy but it can be done. If Alpha can quit, you can quit. It didn't matter how many times people told him it was bad for him, he couldn't put it down until he was ready to. Until you are committed, you won't succeed. If you stay with it for long enough, you will be nicotine free. Cold turkey is tough. Nicotine takes 3-days to get out of your system. Thereafter it's emotional.

Tips for Success

  • Products are available to help you. The patch is helpful to help with nicotine.
  • Also, you will have to break the habit, which takes about 21-days. You have to figure out something else to occupy your time or associate with those activities. Along with the patch, Alpha decided to get in the best shape he's been in years.
  • He also needed to stop drinking alcohol since he associated alcohol with nicotine.
  • Alpha started taking 5-HTP which is an amino acid that is a natural mood enhancer. It really helped and was a key element to his success.

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