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Quit Nail Biting and Picking | Stop Chewing on Your Nails

Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses how to quit nail biting, which is a dirty and nasty habit. Gnarled and mangled fingers are not a positive image to project.  It makes you look lazy and sloppy.

First thing you need to stop a bad habit: you have to have the desire to quit. Next, identify the reason why you are biting. Are you bored, stressed, or why? Addiction is physical and/or mental.

Nail biting is mental, which take rewiring your brain. Hypnosis is helpful to modify and stop the habit. They are typically priced right under $100 and doesn't require return visits. You could also adopt a new habit; however, the habit needs to be healthy. For example, chew gum to occupy your mouth. The other thing you can do is a finger dip that is bitter. When you put your finger in your mouth, the taste is horrid.

Also take small steps by going 1-week without biting and picking. Then the reward is a visit to the nail salon for a manicure. Then a week after that go again. Repeat weekly to keep yourself motivated and create the habit of taking care of your hands.

Overall, it takes willpower. Tell yourself you can do it, and don't let anything get in your way.

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