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Personal Presentation

Job Interview | What to Wear to Impress

Professional male image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about the importance of the first impression and no time is more important than on a job interview.  We will discuss what men should wear to ensure you look your best and land that job.

Alpha starts by going over two job interview scenarios. The person who pays attention to his image and personal presentation will get the job over the sloppy counterpart when all other aspects are the same. You need an advantage over the competition- you need to nail the interview with nailing your personal presentation.

An interview is not the time to look edgy, cool, or hip. You need to project honesty, confidence, integrity, and intelligence. Once you get the job, you can start expressing yourself.

How to Dress for Job Interviews by Career Type

Professional Career

  • Wear a suit. Period. Wear a crisp, clean, well-tailored suit in either gray or navy blue. You want to look warm and approachable so avoid black.
  • The shirt should be white or blue.
  • The tie should be red, yellow, or blue and stay away from big bold colors and patterns. Use a Full Windsor Knot (symmetrical and larger).
  • Black shoes are advised (simple and conservative). Alpha gives examples. Make sure the shoes are clean, polished, and shined.
  • The belt should match the shoes (finish and texture) with a simple and subdued buckle.
  • Facial hair should be shaved.
  • Tone down your hair style for the interview if fun and edgy. The day before the interview, get a fresh hair cut.
  • Take out earrings, take off extra rings, and wear a watch.
  • Be on time! Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Alpha covers what buttons should be buttoned with specific suits.
  • Don't not use cologne but make sure to wear deodorant.
  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Don't chew gum!
  • Leave your cell in the car but bring a case as well as portfolio for resume that matches your outfit. Don't wear a backpack or bring computer bag.


Manual Labor Jobs (Barista, Grocer, Personal Trainer, Ditch Digger, Factory Worker)

  • Look impeccably put together but you don't need to wear a suit or sports jacket
  • Wear a tie, nice pair of slacks, subtle simple shoes with matching belt
  • Present the best package you possibly can

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