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Perfect Posture | Importance and How to Obtain

Aaron Marino Website
When you are a little boy, was your mother always telling you stand up straight with your shoulders back? Your mother was trying to correct your poor posture. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the importance of perfect posture and how to improve yours. Proper posture is essential. Proper posture makes you taller, thinner, and more confident. A confident man is a successful man, socially and personally.

Tall men primarily had poor posture as short men don't slouch as they need all their height. Standing up straight generally adds 2 inches to your height. Alpha displays what good posture looks like with everything in alignment.

As society, our posture is getting worse.

  • We are incredibly out of shape! The lack of activity and being has made us weak. Combine being out of shape with carrying extra weight, our posture is doomed. A strong core is necessary for good posture.
  • Technology is making us look down: computer, phones, video games.


Modify These Simple Behaviors

  • Get active!
  • Strengthen your core and back (shoulder girdle / upper back).
  • Flexible chest muscles - stretch those chest muscles.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress to keep your hips, shoulders, and head aligned. Sleep on back or side.
  • Sit back as far as possible in your chair with your back up. Add a lumbar support pillow if needed.
  • Walk with stomach in tightly, deep breath with chest up, shoulders back, head looking straight ahead. Walk tall with confidence.

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