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Overcome Jealousy and Envy in 6 Simple Steps

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Tips for Dealing with Relationship Insecurity | Dating Advice
Jealousy is being resentful to other people's possessions, abilities, or successes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says we all experience jealousy or envy at some point. Both are counter-productive to your personal development. Alpha first shares his experiences and how he overcame these destructive emotions. Next, he presents six steps to help eliminate jealousy and envy.

Remove Jealousy and Envy from Your Emotional Repertoire

  1. Identify when you are having *that* thought - when you realize you're doing it, the first step has been taken to correct the situation
  2. Be thankful about something about yourself - take the time to be grateful for what you actually possess
  3. Learn the difference between competition (beneficial) and comparison (destructive)
  4. Visualization - focus and free your mind with 'success mediation'
  5. Take action - do something productive that moves you closer to that end result / success / desire
  6. Do something kind, nice, or generous for someone else without expecting anything in return

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