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Social Media Profile Pictures | Your Personal Brand

With social network profile pictures, have consistency as you're painting the picture of your 'brand'. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is not social media savvy. He doesn't consider himself a social networking type of guy. He doesn't do much with any of it except YouTube.

When he started doing social networking, he didn't realize how it was going to grow and the need for businesses for social networking profiles. Aaron has seen some horrible profile pictures. If you are going to participate in networking sites, you need to have consistency. You are your brand that paints the picture of who you are.

If your Facebook is crazy but your Linked in is professional and proper, there's a disconnect.  Keep your Linked in profile professional and your Facebook 'bland' as you never know who's looking and what the message is.


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Online Dating Profile and Picture | Dating Advice -
January 30, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. dissects a dating profile and picture. Aaron reads the profile, which sounds sincere and intelligent. The profile sound interesting and fun. However, the picture sucks. The picture was taken from the computer and has the whole Zoolander thing. The picture also looks cocky and like an egotistical maniac that is super serious. You should have a profile picture that is fun wiRead More»

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