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How to Be More Photogenic | 6 Tips to Look Better in Pictures

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The sheer volume of photos that are taken these days is staggering! And guess what? There is a direct correlation between how many pictures are taken and how many pictures of you are messed-up on the web. So, do you want to look better in pictures? Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents tips to look more photogenic.
  1. Stand up straight
  2. Chin elevated and out
  3. Don't blink - focus on a light prior to the camera flash
  4. Relax your forehead - just smile
  5. Utilize your tongue to take better pix - push against teeth when smiling which relaxes the rest of your face
  6. Get comfortable with your smile - discolored, crooked, missing teeth? Get it fixed!

SECRET TIP #7  - practice in the bathroom! The more you practice, the more ready you'll be when a photo opportunity presents itself.


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