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How to Be More Likeable | 7 Tips to Improve Likeability

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Can You Laugh at Yourself? | The Confidence Equation
The Art of Complimenting
Have you ever met someone and immediately liked them? Maybe you know someone who is a likeable guy? Aaron Marino of alpha m. asks where you fall on the likeability scale. He provides tips and advice to be more likeable.
  1. Have a positive outlook on life - practice maintaining a positive attitude. We more we practice, even if faking, eventually you're conditioning your mind and attitude. People will notice and like you more. Everyone likes to be surrounded by positive people.
  2. Be passionate - we are drawn to passionate people (not creepy and intense).
  3. Have a sense of humor - this is vital to happiness in general. Laugh at yourself and don't take yourself too seriously. Don't be the clown or comedian, however, because that's annoying.
  4. Control your insecurities - no one wants to be around someone who second guesses themselves. That is annoying!
  5. Be a good listener - listening takes a bit of practice as we find ourselves to waiting for our turn to speak rather than listening & processing what the other person is saying. Reciprocally, we like to speak to people who are listening and 'getting it'.
  6. Be humble - no one likes a show-off or someone who brags. Practice humility even if you don't believe it.
  7. Give compliments - learn to compliment (give and receive well).

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