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Can You Spot the FREAK? | Surfing Porn in Public!?

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Really!? Seriously!? You've got to be kidding me, dude! Aaron Marino of alpha m. got the best table in the house at Starbucks the other day when he glanced at the guy to his right.

Alpha glances up again and catches the guy's computer screen. NOT HERE! DUDE is shopping for SEX TOYS in a PUBLIC PLACE! Alpha sat in disbelief! People never cease to amaze Alpha.

Which brings up the alpha word-of-the-day: couth (adjective meaning cultured, refined, well-manned) which this freak does not have as people with couth don't surf porn or shop for fake schlongs in public places. Can you spot the freak?

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When Not to Wear Cologne | Men's Cologne and Fragrance -
August 20, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Some men don't know how to wear cologne: they wear too much or wear it in places they shouldn't. So when should you not wear it? Wearing too much cologne can be just as offensive as body odor. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses when not to wear cologne: job interviews, funerals, road-trip, the gym, and on a first date. Effectively wearing cologne takes finesse. Read More»
When and Where Is Being Shirtless Acceptable?  -
August 16, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube When and where Is being shirtless acceptable?  Whether than at the beach or poolside, is a man being shirtless in public acceptable? Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares a viewer email about a shirtless man in the grocery store. Alpha says shirtless is not acceptable or appropriate other than at the beach, poolside, lakeside, yard-work, and some athletics. When inside,Read More»
Can You Spot The Jacka**? | Wearing Sunglasses Indoors -
August 15, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Check it out. Alpha doesn't care how good you think you look wearing sunglasses inside. One of Aaron Marino of alpha m's pet peeves is people who wear sunglasses inside. Is this a fair assumption to think you are a dick!? Alpha will write you off. Here's the situation: Alpha's in the airport and cranky because he doesn't love traveling. He sees a man wearing sunglaRead More»
Being an Alpha Male | Chivalry  -
July 8, 2013
The term chivalry was a medieval system of beliefs and customs adopted by the knights. Characteristics such as bravery, courtesy, honesty, and gallantry toward women are all associated with the term chivalry. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that chivalry transcends the ages and should be the code adopted by the modern day alpha male. Chivalry is indicative of someone with good character. It's your rRead More»

Being an Alpha Male | Responsibility and Good Samaritan -
June 5, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Hit and Run? Not so fast, missy! Alpha shows his car door which has a mark that shouldn't be there. Yesterday when he was out running, he got back to find a note on his car. He runs into the writer of the note who explains the situation further. A woman chose to drive away after hitting Alpha's car. Long story short, she is getting charged with a hit-and-run. AaronRead More»
Coping with Flatulence | Got Gas? Frequent Farting?  -
April 4, 2013
What Causes Gas If you eat a healthy and clean diet, you probably experience more gas than typical. Flatulence correlates with the food you eat. Aaron Marino of alpha m. reviews the digestion process that produces flatulence. Hydrogen sulfide is the culprit of the stinky gas. How do you handle bad gas in certain company? You can't just let it rip. But, holding gas has a set of consequences as it'sRead More»
How to Cure Morning Breath | Horrible Halitosis -
March 11, 2013
Yawn! Whew! Morning breath is a bitch! It tastes horrible and stinks. Good news boy-- everyone's breath stinks in the morning. Aaron Marino of alpha m. covers things to do to make that dragon-breath less *dragon*. In the morning, drink water, eat breakfast, and then brush / floss teeth. The night before can also reduce severity of morning breath. Brush / floss teeth before bed then rinse with alcoRead More»
Email Etiquette -
February 21, 2013
The age of the internet has taken communication to a whole new level. Phone calls and snail mail have been replaced by emails and texts; giving way to a mode of communication that's instantly gratifying, yet often taken for granted and abused. Sounding more like a relationship that's gone bad, use of today's technology has had major impact on writing and communication skills across the board and tRead More»
Proper Funeral Attire -
February 19, 2013
Dealing with a loved one's death is never easy. It bestows sadness like nothing else can.  It's hardly a time to worry about what to wear to the funeral, yet it's often a time when many guys do. Torn between traditional black and today's acceptance of subtle colors, men are often unsure of how to appropriately and respectfully dress for wakes and funerals. Granted, funerals are not affairs when oRead More»

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