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Getting a Bartender's Attention

Alpha's caught up in the moment at the hottest club in the city. But the bar is intimidating. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives tips to get the bartender's attention.
    • Show up at the bar before the crowd.
    • Make sure you tip well on your 1st round of drinks.
    • Don't yell at the bartender or server.
    • Be ready with your order when they approach you.
    • Don't order elaborate drinks.
    • Be prepared and ready to pay.
    • Last but not least, smile and say "thank you so much".

Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
Improve Speaking Skills | Communicate with Confidence -
January 17, 2013
Being well spoken is a critical aspect of being an effective communicator. Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over three specific tips to improve speaking skills. Filler words make you sound unsure, not confident, unprofessional, and dumb  - um, like, you know what I'm sayin'. Have someone point-out every time you use a filler word. After awhile you'll start correcting yourself, and eventually you'llRead More»
"I Will Take That Bad Idea for $1,000, Alpha" | Facebook Debates -
January 2, 2013
Alpha's playing a version of the game Jeopardy with you. "What is debating people on Facebook?" Aaron Marino of alpha m. wonders if these debaters think they are going to win something. The debaters only make themselves frustrated, look like an ass, and piss people off. He discusses what he observed on Facebook regarding a debate about gun control. The thread got personal and nobody won. Debating Read More»
Party Etiquette | Never Show Up Empty Handed -
December 5, 2012
What are you doing here? Crazy coincidence! Alpha thought it's a perfect time to talk about party etiquette. Be aware that you should never show up empty handed. You should show appreciation and gratitude. Aaron Marino of alpha m. typically brings a bottle wine. It's nice and appreciated. If you want to take it a step further, put the bottle in to a gift bag or a Pier 1 wine bottle outfit. A plantRead More»
Congratulations on Your Pregnancy! | Never Assume She's Pregnant  -
November 19, 2012
About six years ago, Aaron Marino of alpha m. congratulated a friend for being pregnant. BUT she was not pregnant! She had just got chubby. From this one instance, Aaron never assumes or asks that a woman is pregnant. Currently, Aaron is 99% sure that the barista at Starbucks is pregnant. Instead of asking if she's pregnant, he asks her, "What's new?" She doesn't say anything about a pregnancy. GeRead More»

How and Who to Tip on a Trip | Tipping While Traveling -
November 14, 2012
This video covers times and people who you need to tip on a trip. Be a good tipper to set yourself apart. Plus you will get better service through your trip. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how much you should be tipping: After a taxi ride ($2 -3 depending on length of the ride) Baggage handlers ($5 minimum) Bellmen ($5) Room service servers (20%). Read More»
How to Be a Gentlemen | Tipping Servers 20% -
November 5, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a scenario about going out to dinner at a restaurant and leaving a tip. The alpha m. rule is 20%. It's easy math and doesn't break the bank. If you can't afford to buy an extra 5%, then you shouldn't be doing out to dinner in the first place. Plus, the servers work very hard for their money and deserve their tip. If someone does above-and-beyond, tip over the 20%.Read More»
Coping with Stinky Roommates -
October 8, 2012
Do you smell that? Our sense of smell affects our moods and emotions. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has past experiences with a horribly smelly place. Communal living is tough, and when you have different levels of 'filth thresholds', that makes it even tougher. First of all, come up with a cleaning schedule. Also you can use carpet deodorizers that will help with odor. Another consideration is purchasRead More»
How Many People to Date at One Time? | Dating Advice -
August 3, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses considerations when dating multiple people. As men, take control of the situation and be honest. So, how many people can you date at one time? As long as you are not leading the person / people on, you can date as many people as you want. Once you feel compelled to lie, you need to take a step back and have a reality check. Also, what is your motivation? If you aRead More»
Got Her Phone Number But Not A Date | Dating Advice -
July 19, 2012
Dates for Bryan are rarely occurring after getting a phone number. Where is he going wrong? Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives Bryan's situation and asks for viewer input. Bryan succeeds in cold approach settings and exudes confidence with females. After he gets the phone number, dates rarely follow. Aaron expresses that Bryan has the hard part done-- Bryan can make the approach and get the number. AaRead More»

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