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Be More Confident in the Bedroom | Dealing with Sexual Insecurity

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STDs | Knowing the Risk and Reality
Promescent - 10% Men's Health Discount
If the words 'sex', 'penis', 'erection' or 'premature ejaculation' offend you, do not watch this video!  If these same words embarrasses you or those around you in public, it's time to put on the headphones now. Aaron Marino of alpha m. was a peer educator in college which covered topics such as date rape, sex, and STDs.

Alpha knows that sex is pretty high on the 'guy priority' list. If you are insecure in the bedroom, Alpha has to talk about things even it's uncomfortable. The way he sees it, men can be insecure about sex because of

Body Appearance

It's controllable with working out and diet. You can also hit the lights!

Penis Size

The average penis is 5 1/2 inches long. Only 15% of the population is over 7 inches. Only about 3% is over 8 inches. You can make your penis look longer by manscaping- trim that bush down to make your penis look longer. If you are concerned about penis size and you are carrying some extra weight, lose some weight to expose more. 99.9% of you are absolutely perfect and fine the way you are. Focus on performance instead of size.

Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Every dude at some point will experience this. You can extend your stamina with:

  • bio-feedback - visualize distracting thoughts
  • 'the squeeze' - below the head with thumb and forefinger to cause the blood to come back and stop the contraction. It works for a second. Try on the sly.
  • wearing thicker condoms - it decreases sensation and sensitivity of the penis
  • using a desensitizer - make your penis less sensitive. Alpha found one that he tried on The Doctors called Promescent.  It's been featured in a ton of publications. It was designed by a urologist. You can adjust the sensitivity level by how many sprays, and it doesn't transfer to the partner. Use the link for 10% off.


It all boils down to being a courteous lover. You need to think about the person who you're with- take your time and be aware. Find out what your partner likes, take it slowly.  Protected sex is not a recommendation - it's a responsibility. Be a gentleman in the bedroom.

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