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Alpha M. (a.k.a Aaron Marino) Interview | How to Dress to Attract Women

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Tripp Advice is doing a special interview series and is sitting with Alpha M.'s Aaron Marino. The topic is how to dress to attract women.

Questions and Practical Tips

  • What's the one piece / thing that men should focus on to attract women? Start with the shoes, you are well above your competition. Women notice shoes. Cheap shoes make you look cheap!
  • In terms of shoes, what are absolute no-nos as well as overall good shoes? Avoid super trendy shoes and avoid bulky shoes. Stick to the classics that are sleek and simple with an elongated toe-box such as plain slip on loafers (no laces) or great pair of Frye boots.
  • Men need to take control of their own style and image. This goes beyond attracting women-- you feel good about how you are put together, you will achieve more in every facet of your life. Paying attention to details show that you are trying to pay attention to all of the little things.
  • What is the best grooming tip that Alpha can give viewers? Men typically let their hair go too long between hair cuts. Clean up around the edges and get a fresh cut to improve your look and confidence.
  • In terms of hair styles, what is the best style for men at this time? There are quite a few factors that come into play when determine a hair style which Alpha covers. He adds that the medium length, parted, and under-cut style is the optimal at this time. Having a bit of length on the top is a great accent and looks fantastic. It's playful and versatile.
  • For thinning and balding guys, use facial hair to balance your face and look. The difference is amazing. Also, great frames can totally change your look.
  • In terms of body shape, what is the one best fashion tip? Wear clothes that fit. Large clothing is associated with comfort. For thin guys, put on items that fit you. Pay attention to color to balance the body (light color make you look larger by reflecting light). For larger guys, dark colors make you look smaller by absorbing light. Stay away from bright and bold. Wear clothes that fit. Fitted doesn't mean tight. It just means more contoured.
  • How should guy should think about spending money on clothes? Alpha says to start a foundation by starting with key items. A wardrobe is built, not bought. Start with shoes. Also buy jeans, khakis / casual pants, and what you wear most often. Be systematic. Upgrade wardrobe by splurging once a month. When you bring something else into your wardrobe, get rid of something else. Own what you wear and what you love. You find find quality that is not super expensive.

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