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5 Ways We "F" Up Our Happiness | Don't Sabotage Being Happy

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Our happiness is being effed up. We are doing it to ourselves, and we don't realize we're doing it. Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over ways we are effing up our own happiness and how to stop it in its tracks.

Put away those demons because they are sabotaging our happiness. Break the cycle and know what happiness means to you. By identifying and acknowledging these five things below, you have the best chance of correcting them and changing.

  1. Procrastination - things that are difficult and take hard work are the ones that get put off most. Just do it!
  2. Giving up too soon - the things that are challenging are often abandoned. Instead, buckle down and push for success.
  3. Unrealistic expectations of others - don't project your self expectations onto others. Understand that we as humans are fallible even with the best of intentions. Forgive people for their fallibility which is powerful for your.
  4. Seeking validation - center yourself and realize that others don't need to give you fulfillment. Create your own self value. Compliments and acknowledgement are amazing, but ultimately the only person's opinion you should embrace is your own!
  5. Letting others expectations of us create the view of yourself - don't let others' views of you determine whether or not you feel like you are successful. People think you should do something so you try to do that or you feel badly when you don't so you let them form your self worth. Don't let others dictate what you should be doing.

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