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Girls Ask Alpha | Dating Advice

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. introduces a website that has been giving Alpha lots of love! is the site where girls and guys can answer questions that girls pose.

They sent him a list of 13 questions, and he gave them an interview. Check out the video on their site to see how Alpha responded!

Interview Questions

  1. What is an 'Alpha Male' in your view/definition?
  2. You give great advice in all areas that are important for men to become good at, dating, grooming, style, self-confidence...etc. Where did you get your inspiration from?
  3.  What are some major 'Dating No-No's' for an Alpha Male?
  4.  What is the best type of woman for an Alpha Male? An Alpha Woman? Describe her.
  5.  For men to become more 'attractive' to the opposite sex, what do you think are the essentials to do to get their 'Alpha Male Makeover'?
  6.  How did your first get into male image consulting and men's styling? Did it come natural to you?
  7.  Are you a great dater? Do you have any horror stories that could serve as a lesson for guys?
  8.  What dating and confidence tips do you have for a guy going out on a blind date?
  9.  Tell us about your dress philosophy: how you can build a man’s confidence from dressing exceptionally well. 
  10.  Do you think masculinity has changed a lot in the last 10-20 years? How men are perceived and expected to behave?
  11.  What's the best piece of advice you have for men going through breakups who need to find themselves again? How can you get your confidence back after a woman leaves you?
  12.  Is there such a thing as 'Beta' male? Or does every guy have the potential to unlock his inner 'Alpha'?
  13.  Last question: what's your favorite outfit that every guy can wear for a date night?


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