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The Friend Zone | What It Is, Why You Are There, and How to Get Out of It

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How to Flirt Without Being Creepy: Flirting Tips and Advice
The term *friend zone* refers to a platonic relationship where one person wants to get freaky and the other person doesn't. Have you ever heard, "But I don't want to ruin what we have" or "You're like a brother to me!" Those phrases are code for, "you're a cool dude but I'm not sexually attracted to you." Being in the *friend zone* doesn't mean you're not good-looking or that someone else won't find you irresistibly attractive.

Being in the *friend zone* is a tough pill for some men to swallow. Some guys are hung-up on that one person for months or years (viable dating months / years!), even though she will never reciprocate feelings. If a woman views you as a friend, there is nothing you can do about it except move on.

The best you could hope for is a drunken kiss after a night of her sobbing because some else broke her heart. But ultimately, she will either regret the kiss or feel even more terrible about herself, and as a result, she will avoid you like the plague. You will misread the drunken hook-up and will be even more devastated.

So, think of it this way- attractive friends have attractive friends. So don't be creepy weird so you can mix-and-mingle with those attractive friends if you play your cards like. Once you realize you're in the *friend zone*, accept that. Hang out but don't be pathetic. Maintain dignity and self-respect. Nothing says 'unsexy' or 'unappealing' as someone who won't take 'no' for an answer.

Are you in the *friend zone*? Don't sweat it. It's time to get your flirt on! Want to know how? Check this out. With the new people you date, you will know pretty early on if the relationship will be romantic. You have enough friends, so move onto the next if it's heading to the *friend zone*.

"I just want to be friends."

"Yeah, really!? I want a piece of ass but you're not going to help me with that so ... LATER"

It's a numbers game. The *friend zone* sucks, but it sucks even worse when you don't accept it for what it is. Somebody else is out there that thinks you're sexy. Now, get out there and find her!

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