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Perspiration | How to Not Sweat After a Shower

Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives a cool tip about how to not sweat after a hot shower.  His solution has been tested for about two weeks now, and it works every time.

He takes a hot shower. Then about 2-minutes before getting out, he keeps reducing the temperature from hot to warm to cooler so that his body core temperature is reduced.

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Where to Shop for Men's Clothes | Stores to Avoid -
June 21, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. needs a new dress belt, and he's sneaking you along. He is not going to a high end mall. The mall he's visiting has basic stores, but he wants to talk about shops he typically frequents for himself and for clients. He also wants to discuss what items that are great and what to avoid. Some of the stores he doesn't visit such as Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, and JoRead More»
Jaw Strenghtening Options | Strong Jawline -
June 13, 2012
Plastic surgery procedures provide jaw strengthening options which Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses in his video. Surgical procedures can strengthen your jaw with an implant, suture neck muscles, and liposuction fat. The result is a strong jaw with a little scar under your skin. If it's a small aspect, try to get over it with acceptance, weight loss, and grooming techniques. However, plastic surRead More»
Negotiating Price | Bargain and Budget Shopping -
June 12, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. leads a discussion about negotiating with retail sales as well as buying an automobile. First of all, retail sales and department stores cannot be negotiated. In the United States, you typically cannot negotiate with mall or retail stores due to them being corporate conglomerates. What you can negotiate is large ticket price items like houses and cars. Negotiation is an arRead More»
Why Aaron Marino Doesn't Do Women's Styling  -
June 4, 2012
A female IAmAlphaM member likes the diet, workout, and nutrition tips-- and wants some videos about women's style. Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses why he doesn't film videos about women's style. He was once on Vh1's Glam God show with Vivica Fox, which he intensely studied about styling women. Aaron even knew how to do a French twist! Aaron realized that dealing with women is incredibly difficuRead More»

Use Sun Protection! | Sunscreen and Sunblock -
May 31, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. emphasizes why sunscreen is so important and necessary after observing that Americans are sloppy and lazy messes. A savage tan doesn't happen overnight but a horrific sunburn does! The beach sun will fry you with the harmful rays even on an overcast day. Aaron doesn't go out without the 30 SPF. Put on the sunscreen before you go out in the sun. Even if it's waterproof, reaRead More»
Minimize Keys | Buldging Men's Pockets -
May 30, 2012
Bulging Men's Pockets Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about how to minimize the amount of keys a man carries. Men don't want a bulging pockets that throw off of the symmetry of their pants. Men can carry a man purse or a computer bag for items other than keys that fill up their pockets. Then, only carry the essential keys that you use daily. Put keys that you don't use often or don't know into the Read More»
How to be More Photogenic | Take a Good Picture of Yourself -
May 23, 2012
Do you consider yourself photogenic? Aaron Marino of alpha m. is not too fond seeing himself in photos. Alpha gives men some tips to improve their appearance in photos as everyone can learn to be more photogenic. Learn how to take a good picture of yourself! Tip #1- focus on not blinking and keeping eyes big and bright Tip #2- practice smile in the mirror Tip #3- some shirts colors reflect light Read More»
Living La Viva Couple -
May 23, 2012
As I was chilling in my bed one evening, I felt a sensation that’s all too familiar to us members of the male species – the taint itch.  Before I had a chance to think it over, instinct took the reins to my hand and guided it directly to the scene of the crime. The whole root and scratch process couldn’t have taken more than 2 seconds, but in that span of time the look on my girlfriend’s Read More»
Deciding Your Future and Legacy -
May 17, 2012
Meet an inspiring person with which Aaron Marino of alpha m. worked over the weekend. Alex is a 24 year old guy who recently graduated and is in the work-force. He needed some help presenting himself and dressing. He wanted to set himself above his peers as well. He came across as a very confident and sharp guy. They started with shopping and then over lunch, they really started to talk. Alpha reaRead More»

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