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What to Wear on a First Date | Dating Advice

Aaron Marino Website
Modern Love for Guys Only
The beginning of the video starts with Aaron Marino of alpha m. discussing profile pictures, dating co-workers, and what to do on your first date. He says the first date shouldn't set the bar too high as well as don't take your take to the movie as you can't talk. Before going on your date, give your date three options. He adds to leave your cell phone in the car! Make your date feel like the most important person in the world during the date.

Alpha also discusses what other style sources recommend wearing on a first date.Then starting at 4:55, he starts to discuss about what to wear on your first date. He says to plan your first date around your outfit. He also says to make sure you have two amazing outfits: one casual and one dressier. You have half the battle done at this point! You don't have to worry about what to worry about what to wear. Instead you can focus on what to do and have a plan!

Theory Tested | Plan Your Date Around Your Outfit

  • Casual date (meeting for coffee) - jean outfit which includes great shoes with nice belt, button-down, sweater vest, light jacket -OR- Casual date (pub or sports bar) - same jean outfit but change to boots
  • Night on the town - charcoal slack outfit

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