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Create a Beaded Bracelet | Handcrafted Men's Jewelry

Fire Mountain Gems
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives a tutorial on how to craft men's beaded bracelets. The first thing you need to do is to locate a store that sells jewelry or crafting material such as Michael's, Hancock Fabric, and JoAnne Fabric. Aaron found a store in Atlanta that sells nothing but beads. And if you are looking for high end, visit Fire Mountain Gems.

Aaron presents his assortment of beads and supplies. You will need: something to cut the string, jewelry stretchy / elastic string, tape measure, jewelry making cement, string of beads, and one bead with a larger hole to cover the knot. When you are done, you have your own custom beaded bracelet:

  1. First, measure your wrist.
  2. Then measure out beads and add a spacer.
  3. String the beads, and snip the end that is attached.
  4. Add the knot cover at the end, then carefully thread and tie a knot.
  5. Tie four knots and really tug on it.
  6. Put a dab of glue on the knot.
  7. Snip off the long string.
  8. What you are left with is a little knot that is covered by the knot cover.

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