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Quick Weekend Trip Packing | Smartly Pack for Travel

Aaron of alpha m. teaches men how to pack smart and efficiently. One common problem is over-packing and over-thinking. Aaron displays his compact and versatile packing in his men's carry-on.

Carry-on luggage is optimal to avoid baggage fees. Aaron presents factors to evaluate to pack smartly and simply. First aspect to consider is weather. Second aspect is to exercise. Third aspect is activities surrounding the trip.

Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
Overcoming Adversity | Inspirational Story of MMA Fighter  -
August 7, 2012
Scott in Action Aaron Marino of alpha m. explores Scott's story and shares with viewers his amazing life. Scott has Cerebral Palsy, has over-come, and is incredibly insightful. He is an MMA fighter. He says he does the best he can and makes light of his disability. He is not trying to 'inspire' anybody and is just trying to live is life. He explains that we all have to overcome and believe in oursRead More»
STDs | Know Your Risk -
August 7, 2012
You met somebody new? You're going to sleep with this new person? What about protection? You never know what you're getting these days-- you NEED protection. Aaron Marino of alpha m. paints the picture of what can happen if you are not careful. Gentlemen, you need to be aware of STDs. Aaron used to work for the Health Department (Peer Education Program in college) and present slideshows about sociRead More»
Life is Short and Sweet | Carpe Diem -
August 1, 2012
Life is fragile and precious. Strive to be truly content & happy and use today to tell someone how you feel. Aaron Marino of alpha m. stresses not to wait until tomorrow to tell someone you love them. Recently his mother's 47 year old friend died of a heart attack. She had just talked with him 3 days prior, which he was so very happy with life *going right*. The good news is that he died happyRead More»
Mattress Talk | Firmness and Replacement -
July 27, 2012
When was the last time you took a hard look at your mattress? Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about back pain and your mattress. Your mattress could be the difference from feeling great in the morning or feeling beat-up. Aaron tells a story about his hard mattress and his future wife's pillow top mattress. When he slept on Tracey's mattress, his back was in severe pain. He didn't realize that the mRead More»

July 24, 2012
With over-the-counter drugs like Advil, Aleve, Motrin and aspirin filling the medicine cabinets of most households today, it's hard to find anyone who hasn't taken one of these drugs at one time or another. NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) is a classification of drugs, whether prescription or not, that reduce inflammation, kill pain (analgesic), and reduce fever (anti-pyretic).  OrigiRead More»
Advil Could Kill You | Ibuprofen -
July 19, 2012
Aaron Mario of alpha m. tells the story about his stress, headaches, and Advil poppin' from 4-years ago. When he owned his fitness center, he was miserably stressed. Everyday he got a 'tension headache' and pop 2 Advil with coffee. He kept doing this every day for years (10 Advil a week). Three days after Easter (4-years ago), he observed that his feces were very dark. He immediately knew somethinRead More»
Alpha M. Travel Packing Tip | Zip Lock Plastic Baggies -
July 16, 2012
Alpha M's Aaron Marino has an effective way to use the dopp kit or dopp bag. All grooming and self-care gets tossed into this bag. Invest in big zip-lock plastic baggies. Separate everything, put into baggies, and then put into dopp bag: put medicines into one bag; put non-spillables into another bag; then breakables and spillables into another bag. Your packed items are protected from spillables Read More»
Common Nail Problems -
July 12, 2012
Typically, we don't give our finger and toe nails much thought unless there's an obvious problem or they need to be trimmed.  We tend to take them for granted, not realizing their purpose and ability to reveal information about our health.  I've been asked by several members what certain things like white spots on nails mean, and having had them myself, decided to look into nail problems and whaRead More»
Hanging with Alpha | Field Trip to the Dump  -
July 4, 2012
What is one Alpha's favorite things to do? Bet you'll never guess. Going to the dump! Follow Aaron Marino of alpha m. and Papa Alpha during their excursion to the dump. Read More»

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