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Bravo Trivago | Alpha M. Interviews the Trivago Guy

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A few months ago, Alpha published a video about the fashion failure of epic proportion- Trivago Guy. Aaron Marino of alpha m. wasn't the only one that thought Trivago Guy was a massive style train wreck. Trivago, as a result, got a little press with a makeover for the Trivago Guy. Outfit recommendations were submitted, and Alpha won!

To commemorate this Alpha M. achievement, Alpha interviewed Tim Wiliams (Trivago Guy)! Alpha talks to the Trivago Guy and asks him a few questions:

  • Alpha asked who is the Trivago Guy? Tim responded that he's an actor since 1980s in New York.
  • The outfit got so much attention. How was it selected? Tim answered that a stylist selected the outfit, wanting to go 'easy casual' that is someone you can 'relate to' and someone who would finds 'cheap hotels'.
  • Alpha adds that Tim is good looking but the rest was so 'bizarre'. He asks if Trivago expected backlash from the outfit. Tim responds that people talked about the commercial more than any other commercial last year.
  • Alpha added that Trivago was set apart by having fun with the Trivago Guy (not taking themselves too seriously). Tim responded that Trivago has fun with commercials, making fun of themselves.
  • Alpha discusses Tim's new outfits and asks if Tim is recognized all over the place now. Tim says it's 'cool' because people recognize him as the Trivago Guy.
  • Alpha asks about negative comments and how did Tim handle it? Tim answered that he took it with a grain a salt. If you are in the public eye, you have to be ready for criticism. You learn from it and laugh from it.


Alpha thanks Tim and wishes him success.Tim thanks Alpha for the outfit and congratulates Alpha for winning the Trivago Makeover contest.

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