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Single Social Activities

Where Singles Go to Mingle
Aaron Marino of alpha m. reads a viewer email that asks about how to  meet people, women, and simply be social.
  • Yoga is a great venue to meet others if you are single.
  • Art classes at the local community college are a great idea.
  • Local colleges and community colleges have continuing eduction classes where you can get out there, learn something, and meet someone new.
  • Also joining a sports league is a way to be social.
  • Intramural leagues are effective to meet new people and have fun (volleyball, kickball, dodge-ball).

Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
How to Deal with a Broken Heart | Dating Advice -
May 1, 2012
When your woman or partner does you wrong, how do you deal with the emotions? Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares a viewer email who is having a tough time with his emotions. The viewer was dating a woman for a year, the woman had a cancer scare, and she cut the relationship off. Prior to this, she started to 'act funny'. Alpha stresses to listen to your intuitions. If you feel that something isn't riRead More»
Alter Pants from Pleated to Flat Front | Changing a Hippie Chick's Image -
April 10, 2012
First, a viewer got a suit at a thrift store and loves the jacket; however, he wants to know if a tailor can alter the pants to flat front from pleated. Aaron responds that 'yes' a tailor can change pleated pants into flat front pants, but sometimes the pants don't look the same as off-the-rack. The cost is a bit more as well since he has to take apart the pants. If the pants are worth it and partRead More»
Building a New Wardrobe | Basic Wardrobe Checklist -
March 20, 2012
alpha m. stylesystem Aaron Marino of alpha m. instructs how to build a new wardrobe, including corporate casual. Wardrobe is built, not bought in a weekend. Your wardrobe is constantly evolving from the basics. You systematically replace and add to the wardrobe based on your lifestyle. For example, if you wear jeans every day to work, your basic wardrobe will have jeans as a staple. Every guy shouRead More»
Commitment Phobe | Dating Advice -
February 14, 2012
If it's not right, it's not right. If it's right, then you'll know. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses men who have a fear of commitment. The way Alpha sees it, if you enjoy talking and flirting, there's nothing wrong with it. You don't need to 'settle down'. As long as you are not doing anything dangerous and not lying to anyone, go ahead and go out! If you have a reputation of leading girls on, Read More»

Hearing Aid Style | Elevate Style Without Drawing Attention -
February 13, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. covers two viewer questions: covering hearing aids with hair and implementing a higher sense of style. Should hair be grown to cover hearing aids? Aaron saw a picture of the viewer who is wearing a metal band hair style. That hair style paints a bigger picture than the hearing aids. The long hair is causing opportunities to be missed. Develop confidence in knowing that peRead More»
Snack Foods | Healthy Eating -
January 30, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses good snacks that travel well and are healthy. Be sure to prepare and plan in advance. Raw unsalted almonds are Alpha's first example. He recommends getting a 5 pound bag in bulk. They are almost the 'perfect' snack food. Another option is rice cakes. Fruit like  apples, grapes, grapefruit, and oranges travel well. Protein bars are an option but be careful with Read More»

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