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Female Roomate | Good or Bad Idea?

Aaron Marino of alpha m. weighs the pros and cons of having a female roommate. Aaron starts with a story about his roommate situation before he was married. His roommate, Deuce, was a drunk and paranoid schizophrenic who ends up getting evicted.

Ultimately, a female roommate will interfere with your ability to date, lead to many questions, and create complications. Primarily, if you tell a woman that you have a female roommate, red flags will be raised. Additionally, a woman you are dating may feel uncomfortable. Ultimately, having a female roommate is far too complicated. The solution is to look for a guy to live with or downsize apartments because your game will be affected if you live with a chick.

Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
Ask Alpha | Color Analysis and Night Shift Workout -
June 19, 2012
How to Find Your Perfect Colors Color Analysis Aaron Marino of alpha m.'s opinion about color analysis. He comments that the color analysis is not effective or efficient. He advises to actually try on the color to see how the color works on them. Refer to the link below for basic color analysis including what season you are and a flow of what shades looks best on you. This is not an exact science,Read More»
Why Aaron Marino Doesn't Do Women's Styling  -
June 4, 2012
A female IAmAlphaM member likes the diet, workout, and nutrition tips-- and wants some videos about women's style. Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses why he doesn't film videos about women's style. He was once on Vh1's Glam God show with Vivica Fox, which he intensely studied about styling women. Aaron even knew how to do a French twist! Aaron realized that dealing with women is incredibly difficuRead More»
Style Trend | Half Shirt and Crop Top -
May 30, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m discusses the emerging trend of men's half shirts and crop tops. Aaron stresses that sometimes what you see in magazines or what others are wearing does not constitute a style that you should necessarily adopt. Trends come and go. The trend of the half shirt or crop top is coming back again where dudes cut the shirt just below their chest and show off their abs. Young guys Read More»
What Not to Discuss When First Dating | Dating Advice -
May 29, 2012
At what point do you divulge information about which you're self conscious or insecure? Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares a viewer's email about his indented chest cavity and breast bone about which he is super self-conscious. The viewer says that by the time he gets intimate, the girl doesn't make a big deal about it but it's a big deal to him. The viewer also doesn't like to take his shirt off at Read More»

But I Got a Man | Dating Advice -
May 22, 2012
What should you do if a girl flirts with you but she has a boyfriend? Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses a situation with which many men are faced. If a woman has a boyfriend, stay away. If she is unhappy, let her get out of her relationship on her own. Don't be the catalyst or waiting there with open arms making it easier. 95% of relationships that start before the prior relationship ended don't Read More»
Elevate Your Style | Confidently Own Your Style  -
May 15, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. has two viewer questions with the same theme regarding individual men's style. The conclusion for both questions: you have to be comfortable with what you're doing and not listen to 'experts'. An 'expert' said that only men with dark hair and complexions can wear black. Can a blonde man wear black? Aaron expresses that the experts are stuck in a box. The reality with styleRead More»
Fear of Rejection versus Courage | Dating Advice -
May 9, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. starts with a viewer email (Jay) who is afraid to be rejected by girls that he approaches. Therefore, Jay doesn't even try. Jay is a foreigner living in the UK where English is the first language. He's from Venezuela and his original dialect is Spanish. He also speaks some Arabic. He's 19-years old, and when he was 16 years old, his parents left him in the UK. Wow! Jay is Read More»
How To Be A Better Man | According to Regina -
May 9, 2012
Fear of Rejection versus Courage | Dating Advice Aaron Marino of alpha m. interviews a lovely young lady about what being a good man means. Regina and Alpha chat and have a good time, but the video starts with discussing a viewer email about confidence and rejection (see link for completed discussion). Then Alpha is ambushed by Regina who wants to give Alpha some tips. According to Regina, men shoRead More»
Don't Hate the Player | Dating Advice -
May 8, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. got a viewer email about how the viewer has been seeing a girl for a couple of weeks then had sex with her. Now the viewer decides he too busy for a relationship. He needs advice how to break it off without hurting her feelings. Aaron comments that the viewer had time to hang-out before he slept with her, and now he doesn't have time since he's lost interest after he sleptRead More»

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