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Does She Like Me? | Dating Advice

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Alpha has a great question from IAmAlphaM viewer, Fernando, about a relationship quandary. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives some relationship advice after reviewing the question which includes the fact that Fernando gets lots of compliments and hints from a girl. He doesn't know if she likes him or not, even with these compliments and hints.

Alpha says that if she's giving compliments, this woman is wild about you! She is giving every signal-- she might as well have flares blazing! Now is your time! It's time to assume that she indeed fancies you. Now is your day! If you pussy-foot around and are wishy-washy, she is not going to like that and you have dropped the ball.

You Wear A Modern Tailor Shirt or Suite, You Won't Need To Ask If She Likes You... You'll KNOW!

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Matching Tie and Pocket Square | Yes or No?  -
August 30, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube How many times have you been shopping and you find tie with a matching pocket square? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says not to wear a tie with a matching pocket square. They shouldn't be cut from the same cloth because there needs to be a degree of contrast. Alpha discusses further why matching tie and pocket square is not recommended. Modern Tailor Shirts Match With Read More»
Wear Chains and Necklaces In or Out? | Men's Jewelry -
August 26, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube You have an awesome chain that is super cool. Perhaps a cross, a medallion, or a shark's tooth? Are chains and necklaces worn in or out? Aaron Marino of alpha m. asks if these necklaces should be worn on top of your shirt or tucked in your shirt? Alpha says to gently conceal these accessories, displayed as subtle accents rather than blatant expressions. Options incRead More»
When and Where Is Being Shirtless Acceptable?  -
August 16, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube When and where Is being shirtless acceptable?  Whether than at the beach or poolside, is a man being shirtless in public acceptable? Aaron Marino of alpha m. shares a viewer email about a shirtless man in the grocery store. Alpha says shirtless is not acceptable or appropriate other than at the beach, poolside, lakeside, yard-work, and some athletics. When inside,Read More»
What's Wrong With Your Eye? | Aaron Marino's Birthmark -
August 2, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Pete & Pedro Clean & Condition For Soft, Silky, Sexy, Bueno Hair! Aaron Marino of alpha m. most frequently gets asked what's wrong with his eyeball. The mark is a birthmark which is a freckle. Other of his family members has the same type of mark but lighter. Nobody noticed it until he got a better camera. Hopefully this puts the bed the question, "What's wRead More»

Being an Alpha Male | Disabilities and Special Needs -
June 11, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube How to be an alpha male? Behave like one. The alpha man respects everyone in his social group for whom they are. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that those with disabilities or special needs want to be treated like everyone else. However, help them out if they need assistance.   Read More»
Ask Alpha Anything | Expected Questions -
June 3, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube Underneath the shady tree, Alpha answers some questions from IAmAlphaM viewers. Aaron Marino of alpha m. got one set of questions that were *expected*. The other set of questions were not expected, making Alpha uncomfortable. This video is for the *expected* questions. Stay tuned for the *uncomfortable* set of questions. What's your first car? 1983 Honda Accord HRead More»
Do You Prefer a Male or Female Doctor?  -
May 2, 2013
Subscribe to Alpha M. on YouTube A viewer asks about whether to use a male or a female when selecting a new doctor. Aaron Marino of alpha m. had tests for a bleeding ulcer which he assessed the comfort level differences between having a male versus female. He also discusses different procedures related to male or female professionals such as therapeutic message, chiropractors, and more. Don't be aRead More»
When Function Trumps Fashion | Dressing Down  -
April 24, 2013
Do you know how to balance fashion with function? When should you dress down to impress? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that fashion depends on what you are doing. No matter what you have to wear, you can still wear good fitting clothes. Also your audience is a factor to consider when selecting what to wear. Dress for the audience to which you are trying to appeal, which could mean dressing down toRead More»
Getting Out of the Friend Zone | Dating Advice -
March 20, 2013
Alpha got an email from a viewer that is coming off of a rough break-up. He's ready to start dating. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that it's time to ask his friend from a local university on a *proper date*. Set the date up by dining at a restaurant. Skip going to a bar. Don't ask so you don't give her an opportunity to say 'no'. Take control and make it happen. Instead of asking, tell. Stud-o-metRead More»

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