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52 Women Approached, 13 Numbers, ZERO Dates | Dating Advice

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. got an an email from a viewer with a subject that intrigued him. He reads the email. The viewer has approached 52 women and got 13 phone numbers, but he has gotten no dates.

The viewer is taking a numbers game to a whole new level- if it has a vagina and walks by, he asks for a phone number. This is where the issue lies.  This guy is swinging all over the place and is not being effective. He may get lucky, but he needs to readjust his strategy.

He needs to make a connection and engage women, not just approach for phone numbers. Flirt first, engage second, ask for phone number third. It's not safe to go out with everyone who asks for a phone number. He needs to work the system rather than simply have the ultimate goal of getting the number.

It becomes robotic if he approaches every pretty thing he sees. Be selective. Play the game. The good news is that he's gotten over approach anxiety. Bottom line, he must be selective.

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