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Life According to Alpha

To Call or Not to Call | Dating Advice

What is the 'alpha' way of handling a woman who approaches man? Take the bull by the horns!

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is amazed that anyone would consider allowing this type of opportunity to pass. Yes, you need to call her. Take the woman out.

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Female Roomate | Good or Bad Idea?  -
July 9, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. weighs the pros and cons of having a female roommate. Aaron starts with a story about his roommate situation before he was married. His roommate, Deuce, was a drunk and paranoid schizophrenic who ends up getting evicted. Ultimately, a female roommate will interfere with your ability to date, lead to many questions, and create complications. Primarily, if you tell a woman tRead More»
How To Be A Better Man | According to Regina -
June 29, 2012
Alpha M. Style System Fear of Rejection versus Courage | Dating Advice This is one of Alpha's favorite and most memorable videos that he has filmed for IAmAlphaM. Enjoy this video- it's awesome! Regina steals the show! Aaron Marino of alpha m. interviews a lovely young lady about what being a good man means. Regina and Alpha chat and have a good time, but the video starts with discussing a viewerRead More»
Stand Up for Yourself | Being a Nice Guy -
June 14, 2012
Is your good nature one of your downfalls? Do you get taken advantage of for being a nice guy? Aaron Marino of alpha m. and Papa Alpha discuss when to say 'no'. Good nature should not be one of your downfalls and doesn't mean you shouldn't be a nice guy. Being put on the spot and first time experiences can also be a time that a nice guy can get taken advantage of. Teach people how you want to be tRead More»
Male Fashion Industry | Men's Style -
June 6, 2012
Why do people say that men don't care about fashion and style? Aaron Marino of alpha m. explores this question further. What he thinks is that the male fashion industry is elitist and pretentious. The industry isolates the majority of men. If you open a men's fashion magazine or blog, you read about exclusive brands that cost thousands of dollars. Aaron grew up with not much money and did most of Read More»

Being an Alpha Male | Alpha Characteristics -
May 23, 2012
IAmAlphaM Project is all about helping viewers to become better men. Aaron Marino of alpha m. interviews his accountant, Toni. She gives her input about characteristics of an alpha male. She expresses the importance of a man being a gentleman: considerate and kind with old fashioned values. The man should open the door for a woman. She also states that loving and compassionate as well as being thoRead More»
Deciding Your Future and Legacy -
May 17, 2012
Meet an inspiring person with which Aaron Marino of alpha m. worked over the weekend. Alex is a 24 year old guy who recently graduated and is in the work-force. He needed some help presenting himself and dressing. He wanted to set himself above his peers as well. He came across as a very confident and sharp guy. They started with shopping and then over lunch, they really started to talk. Alpha reaRead More»
Bad Language | Cursing, Cussing, Profanity  -
May 16, 2012
If you are a man who uses profanity and thinks cursing all the time is funny, Aaron Marino of alpha m. has some suggestions and opinions. When profanity is used, people are turned off. Foul language doesn't need to be used to get your message across. The more you curse, the less people take you seriously. In order to be a successful communicator, you need to have people take you seriously. If you Read More»
Fear of Rejection versus Courage | Dating Advice -
May 9, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. starts with a viewer email (Jay) who is afraid to be rejected by girls that he approaches. Therefore, Jay doesn't even try. Jay is a foreigner living in the UK where English is the first language. He's from Venezuela and his original dialect is Spanish. He also speaks some Arabic. He's 19-years old, and when he was 16 years old, his parents left him in the UK. Wow! Jay is Read More»
Saying Thank You | Expressing Gratitude -
April 30, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. received a 'thank you' card from a client. The two words, 'thank' and 'you', are very powerful words. In society, we starting to overlook gratitude and are taking kind acts for granted. We need to appreciate people around us.  Not displaying common courtesy and decency is showing a lack of class. Make a habit of always saying 'thank you' for when people do things for you.Read More»

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