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Life According to Alpha

Most Important Aspect of Image | Men's Character

This video is long overdue. What is the single most important aspect of your image? Do you have a guess? Aaron Marino of alpha m. reveals that it's your CHARACTER! Your character distinguishes you from everyone else around you.

You may have the best clothes and presentation, but if you character is lacking, you have just become the ugliest person in the room. Anyone with money can buy clothes and a hair cut. What is impressive is their character-- their legacy. How will you be remembered?

Our society has let young men down. It used to be expected that gentlemen were polite and treated people with respect. Men are not taught to be a gentleman anymore. It's important to be a decent person and have good character.

A main part of good character is confidence. Having a good sense of self is part of this confidence. He doesn't need to posture or put others down, and he knows who he is. He is not cocky.

There are people on YouTube who comment on a video ... or comment on your life. They are haters. They have nothing better to say or do. They have poor character and don't have anything better to do than tear you down. These people are negative and want to have others retaliate because it makes them feel powerful.

Be above the haters. Don't give the haters fuel. It doesn't matter what your message is, there will be haters. It doesn't matter what your message is, someone is going to try to tear you down. Additionally, calling people names blows Alpha's mind!

Know who you are are, have a great sense of self, and have character. Don't respond to the haters. Be true to yourself and don't sink to their level. Run to the mirror and figure what type of person you are-- what is your character? How do you handle people and how do you handle adversity? Treat people kindly and do the best you can.

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