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Life According to Alpha

Death Sucks

Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents an update about his best friend's sister. Steve's sister just died from cancer. Aaron has been very emotional about her passing because Steve is somebody he loves and Aaron knows how he is heart-broken.

This passing is his first experience with being so incredibly sad with death. He wishes he could take the pain from Steve.Real men are allowed to show emotion and express himself. You don't have to suppress your emotions. Emotions make us human. Rest in Peace, Carol.

On a lighter note, what is Aaron going to wear to the funeral? His charcoal gray suit with white shirt and black tie.

Past Topics

New Topics Added Weekly!
Dealing with Disappointment -
April 17, 2012
How do you overcome disappointments in life? Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents two ways to handle to disappointment. The first way, which is common, is to regress with disappointing blow or set-back. The other way is to use disappointment as a tool and education. The harder you work, the harder the disappointment. Disappointments for Alpha have resulted in something better because he's regrouped aRead More»
Alter Pants from Pleated to Flat Front | Changing a Hippie Chick's Image -
April 10, 2012
First, a viewer got a suit at a thrift store and loves the jacket; however, he wants to know if a tailor can alter the pants to flat front from pleated. Aaron responds that 'yes' a tailor can change pleated pants into flat front pants, but sometimes the pants don't look the same as off-the-rack. The cost is a bit more as well since he has to take apart the pants. If the pants are worth it and partRead More»
Dating and Insecurity | Dating Advice -
April 2, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives advice about how to handle a relationship where you feel that her career and appearance exceed yours. Do not screw-up a really good thing due to insecurities. The fact is that you ARE dating her, and she likes you. This is a great thing and yours to lose. She likes you for reasons, so don't do anything that sabotages that. Don't keep searching for reassurances that sRead More»
Alpha Talk | Religion and Politics -
March 20, 2012
Two aspects Aaron Marino of alpha m usually doesn't discuss are religion and politics because people are so passionate about those topics plus he has viewers from all over the world will varying views. Aaron is mindful of the diversity of the people watching these videos. But, because of an email he got last night, he is now addressing both. He doesn't feel that you should believe what he believesRead More»

Call Someone You Love -
March 16, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. has an 'Oprah Winfrey moment'. Today Alpha was reminiscing about his Grandfather today. His Grandfather passed away about 10 years ago and was one of the most influential people in Alpha's life other than his mother and father. Alpha was contemplating if he had one more day, what would he tell his Grandfather. These thoughts led to thinking about other people in his life, Read More»
What Is Your Excuse for Not Working Out? | Motivation and Willpower -
March 13, 2012
Are you fully healthy but still making excuses to not workout, exercise, or go to the gym? Well, this video should motivate you! You HAVE to watch this! Aaron Marino of alpha m. is introducing you to Tony. He had polio and has a 'dead' right leg. For years ago, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had a stroke. He's been working out ever since, and he's now in shape at 50 years old. He foRead More»
Alpha's Friendship Talk -
February 29, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how friendships  can flourish despite how worlds are different. Aaron Marino of alpha m. introduces his friend Will who is traveling through Atlanta. Aaron and Will are connected although they don't have much in common. They are like brothers and love each other. Once Aaron and Will are together, they talk about how 'on paper' they shouldn't be friends but they Read More»
Support During Self Improvement -
February 24, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. offers advice when dealing with those who aren't on-board with your self improvement efforts. When you take control of your destiny and make changes, sometimes a those around you aren't supportive. Those who are not supportive many not feel good about themselves and thus are not positive about your efforts. Still focus on yourself and don't' get discouraged. Stay the coursRead More»
Look Into My Eyes | Eye Contact -
February 22, 2012
It seems as though we now live in a society and time when people don’t have or take the opportunity to communicate face to face like we did pre-internet days.  Phones, emails and texting have reduced and often eliminate the need to interact directly with a person, in person.  And along with the disappearance of face to face interaction, goes eye contact – a very important communication tool,Read More»

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