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Men's Hair Makeover | Papa Alpha Controls Gray with Color Camo

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So last week Aaron Marino of alpha m. did a video about a cool men's hair coloring product by REDKEN, Color Camo. The product promises a natural looking way to add a little pepper to your salt.  The big selling feature is that it is a natural looking option that fades evenly and never turns yellow or brassy as it fades.

Well, Alpha wanted to see for himself if this stuff works as advertised. So he called the only person the he know would be down for a little Alpha M. hair makeover session... his dad (AKA Papa Alpha). They made an appointment to visit  Alpha's hair styling soul mate, Stephen Posta, at Dyer & Posta Salon to make it happen.  The results are amazing! In just 5 minutes, he looks 5 years younger!

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