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Top Three Money Management Tips From a Financial Adviser

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Donald McClurg [email protected]
Don McClurg (financial adviser) and Aaron Marino of alpha m. are discussing how to be smart with your money and how to make wise decisions with your money. Don's top three tips are:
  • Save now- start early! Utilize technology (apps) regarding how to save this money. They talk about the Acorns app specifically. You can save $30 to $50 a month with this little app that forces you to save.
  • Don't fall into debt- keep your credit cards paid off.
  • Ask for help- parent, loved one, someone you know that is successful, or an adviser (bank vs. financial). Don discusses mutual funds and the annual performance of the stock market.


Don is more than happy to answer viewer questions. Feel free to email or call him by referring to this video.

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