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Alpha M Project Quinn | Men's Makeover Series | Season Premier S2E1

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The Flex Belt | Alpha M. Project
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Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents Alpha M. Project Season 2. This season is going to change the lives of five lucky guys who were chosen from auditions for the ultimate Alpha M. experience.  In In this episode, Quinn is flying into Atlanta for an all expenses paid makeover. His challenge is that he doesn't know how to dress casually, and that will change after this weekend.

Day One

Alpha takes Quinn to the Alpha M. Penthouse which is Quinn's bachelor pad for the weekend. Quinn tells Alpha his story about how he hated the way he looked and where he was going in life. He found Alpha's videos, and his life changed.

He had been in a long relationship that wasn't 'right', but when he moved to another state, he broke it off. Along with life changes he also changed physically. He lost 70 pounds total and feels good; however, Quinn's wardrobe is typically tee shirts and shorts. Alpha is going to change the style to outfits that he will feel amazing wearing and look spectacular. He demonstrates his outfits that are 'fancy casual' and 'casual' which Alpha evaluates and assesses.

During his hair appointment at Dyer & Posta, the goal is polished, professional, over to the side, and tight-tapered. Pete & Pedro Putty is the product used. The beard is taken off with a bit of soul patch and stubble.

Day Two

Alpha arrives at the Alpha M. Penthouse in the morning to get Quinn for a huge day of shopping. Every great outfit starts with shoes, so that's where Alpha and Quinn start. They head to DSW for fashion sneakers, casual shoes, and dress shoes. Alpha's tip is that you should always hit the discount racks for amazing deals on good shoes. They actually found 4 pairs of shoes: dress, funky suede, casual Lacoste, and white Pumas for $280.

Two years ago, Alpha stood outside of JCPenney and told viewers about their amazing selections and prices in JCPenney Rebranded. They are providing all clothing for Alpha M. Project Season 2.

Quinn needs everything, so they are loading up a rack. Later they will assemble the outfits.

  • They start with jeans, specifically the stylish and timeless Levi's brand.
  • Alpha goes for Levi's chinos as well, which are an alternative to jeans and super versitle (black, gray, white).
  • They are stepping outside of the box with camo which can be super cool when done well (Arizona slim fit chino).
  • The J. Ferrar is a slim fit, and the brand is perfect for those looking for a tailored fit.
  • Next, is the charcoal gray slim fit suit for $115.


The shopping safari result: 20 shirts, suit, 2 casual pants, 2 jeans, and a few belts for $606! Quinn tries on his outfits and looks. He has about 200 combinations from the items they purchased. Remember, it's not how much you spend on your clothes but how you combine your items.

Quinn also receives gifts from the Alpha M. Project sponsors. Quinn receives the Flex Belt to add to his fitness program as well as DazzlePro for whiter and brighter teeth. RibbedTee hooks up Quinn with deep v tee shirts. To celebrate the weekend, Alpha takes Quinn out for a toast and a great meal. He goes home a changed man- body, mind, style. Quinn is very grateful for the life changing experience.

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