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Alpha M. Project S1E1 | Big Boy Billy Gets a Makeover

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Billy has a problem. He is 6 foot 7 inches and having challenges finding stylish clothes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. made Billy an offer to take him shopping for free if he allowed the experience to be filmed. Christian came into the process to film the shopping trip.

One of the toughest things that Alpha hears from larger guys is the difficulty finding clothes. Billy agrees that shopping had been limited but now larger sizes (big and tall) are found in department stores rather than just specific and specialty stores. One of the major issues with dressing super tall or super big guys is the expense, which is a downside if a larger stature.

Phase One: Billy's first stop is a new haircut at Dyer & Posta Salon with Stephen. Alpha reminds viewers to keep your hair fresh and current. Pete & Pedro finishes his hair style, and then Alpha tends to Billy's facial hair.

Phase Two: At Casual Male XL, Alpha finds a totally stylish pair of shoes for Billy's 15W feet. There's a time and place for tennis shoes, but wearing these shoes are more stylish for dressing up. Next is the belt that matches with finish and texture. Jeans are explored next. Always try on jeans because every cut is fits differently (even with the same brand). Next, Alpha and Billy go through shirt options, including plaid, black, and gingham. Alpha finishes off the outfits with a zip cardigan which is very versatile. It's all about layering.

Total shopping trip included two jeans, two button-ups, zip-up cardigan, belt, and shoes. Back at the studio, Alpha is thrilled with the outfit, and Billy feels awesome. It's a sophisticated look and a total night-and-day transformation. Everything is working from the hair to the beard to the outfit. No matter how big or small, you can always look great.

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