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How to Be an Alpha Teen | Tips to Unlock Young Men's Inner Alpha

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How to Be an Alpha Male | 10 Traits of the Modern Day Alpha
The other day, Alpha received an email from a 16 year old teen who wants to unlock his inner alpha. He also wanted tips to be the most alpha he can possibly be. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gave this email some serious alpha thought.

What does being an alpha mean anyway?

Alpha means dominant male because you have panache. Be your own man! That's what it means to be alpha! This video can actually be implemented, embraced, and executed by anyone. Doing what's right rather than what's cool and comfortable is what makes you alpha at any age. Whether 10 years old or 55 years old: if you're your own man, you control your own destiny, you're a good person, and you put others needs / emotions above yours, you're going some place.

Alpha promises that if you embrace these 10 tips into your life, you will kick some serious alpha ass! You will be amazed, successful, empowered, feel great, and have confidence that goes through the roof. If it were easy, all of your other friends would be doing it. It's super tough but possible! There is nothing to stop you. Alpha is proud of you and knows you can do it!

Unlock Your Teenage Inner Alpha

  1. Try your best in everything - not just in the fun and enjoyable things.
  2. Stick up for the little guy - he defends, stands by their side, says 'hello', and is kind.
  3. Do not gossip - nothing beneficial comes from talking trash.
  4. Listen to your parents - they 'get it' a lot more than you realize.
  5. Embrace education - there is nothing more alpha than knowledge: Grandpa Alpha said, "An education is never too heavy to carry out of a ditch."
  6. Be a man of your word - character is built now, not later
  7. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes - right now, there is no time or place for any of these things.
  8. Don't give into peer pressure - do what is right
  9. Be true to yourself - if something doesn't feel right, don't do it
  10. Be a good person - the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have do unto you

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