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How to Build YOUR Perfect Wardrobe | Cool New Tech Tool

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Find YOUR Personal Style with Cladwell
Cladwell- Look Good. Feel Awesome.
A great wardrobe is built, not bought. It's constantly evolving. You start with a solid foundation and add / subtract as needed. There's not a one-size-fit-all design for the perfect wardrobe.  Factors to consider include your body, budget, lifestyle, coloring, the season, and more! The process can be daunting... until now.

Cladwell has a two minute survey that spits out individualized style recommendations based on algorithms and personal preferences. Alpha logged on the other day and found out that it's different. They created another super cool tool. You get a personalized wardrobe road map with a finish line!

You go to Cladwell and log in. Personal preferences are saved. Their system goes to work with your information which spits out a wardrobe, listing the items you need most in order. Alpha shares his wardrobe recommendations from Cladwell.

Check all of the items you have. For items you don't have, click on the item and buy it or go to the physical store to try it on. Once you've checked all the items, your wardrobe is complete. You can also go for recommendations for specific items such as jeans-- as well as specific price points for those items.

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