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Bow Ties | How to Tie and Wear

As with other retro styles that have seen a resurgence, such as tie bar, cardigan, and fedora, it takes a certain guy to pull of the bow tie.  Bow ties are polarizing.  Aaron Marino of alpha m. has a rational and though provoking discussion about this misunderstood and increasing popular option. So, are bow ties badass or a bad idea?

Bow ties make people happy and smile. A self assured man wears a bow tie. But, bow ties are a pain in the butt to tie. And even if you get it tied, you are worried about it being symmetrical. The perfectly tied bow tie never happens unless you are wearing pre-tied or clip-on, which these are not an option unless you're 4 years old.

Bow ties come in two sizes: 2.5 inch (standard) and 1.5 inch. If you have a thin neck or head, stick to the smaller bow tie or else you will look like you have a pin head. So, how do you tie it? It takes practice. At 3:30, Alpha presents a every helpful and effective tutorial by filming in the mirror.

If you want to try wearing a bow tie, lock yourself in the bathroom and practice and practice and practice! You need to practice at least 5 good bows, then try again the next day. The more you do it, the better it gets.

Pete and Pedro

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