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6 Tips to Be {More} Stylish INSTANTLY | How to BOOST Personal Style

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Have you ever seen a dude thought he looked stylistically great? There wasn't one specific thing that made it pop - it was everything. THAT was effortless style smacking you in the face. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents tips to elevate your style instantly.

You Have to Try IT!

  1. Get out of the mall when shopping! Check out the incredible online brands. They'll have amazing options you won't find the mall, such as Jack Threads.
  2. Try the smaller size - When in the store, try the smaller size. Many times, it looks dynamite! If it doesn't, go back to your normal size. But how do you try on items when shopping online? Jack Threads lets you try before you buy. The items are boxed with a return shipping label so return what you don't want to keep.
  3. Take calculated risks - Try things that you wouldn't necessarily gravitate towards. Alpha talks about recently trying joggers where he stepped outside of his style box.
  4. Upgrade your casual footwear - Fashion sneaker should be worn to look super sweet when running around town. Retro-inspired are a great option such as Chuck Taylor, Adidas Stan Smith, or Asic Tiger.
  5. Get a pair of black or gray slim fit jeans -- You'll look like a badass! You have to try it!
  6. Whatever you choose, wear it with confidence. When stepping outside of your comfort zone, you can feel a bit awkward. Just put it on and rock it!


Jack Threads TRYOUTS

Jack Treads TryOut program is effective AND efficient, and they are giving 20% off anything you decide to try and keep. Alpha is blown-away with the Jack Threads brand. It's a great price, style, and value. And now you get to try it before you buy it.

Pete and Pedro

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